Terry Ellens

Terry was born in Taunton Somerset on November 9th 1987 and grew up in Chard Somerset..... all his family are from London and his father worked at Harrods as a manager before retiring and moving to Tenerife a long with his mum in 2004.
Being 16 he couldn't get a job till he was 18, so he took up a labouring job working for a friend until he left at 18 to work behind the bar in Yordys in Veronicas. One night after 3 months the DJ didn’t show up for work, so it was his chance to shine and he took over the DJ box that night and never looked back!
Since then Terry has worked as resident DJ at O’Neills, Jumping Jacks, Sound of Cream, and Brannigans Beach Bar, before becoming a resident at tramps where he has now been for over 5yrs, as well as compering at Megabowl in Fañabe 2 nights per week.

What's the biggest gaffe you have made on air: Saying Ladies And Gentlemen And Bangerz
Who is your radio hero: Chris Moyles and Fern Cotton
Who has been the biggest influence on you: All The Oasis Fm Staff Giving Me Tips Got To Love Them !!!
Most memorable radio moment: My 1st Show Was Nervous It Wasn’t Brilliant But Loved It
Who would you most like to interview or have as a guest: Rita Ora By Far I Love Her
What is the first record you ever bought: Janet Jackson - Together Again

What makes you smile: Weather And Family
What makes you unhappy: People Who Moan Constantly
Bad habits:  Too Much Drinking And Smoking
Apart from your current partner, who would be your ideal date: Rita Ora
What's your best feature: Probably My Eyes People Say I Have Nice Eyes
What did you want to be when you were a kid: Goalkeeper For England
What's the worst job you've ever done: Paper Round Every Child Did It
How do you spend your nights off: Netflix And Chill
What would you most like to be remembered for: Putting A Smile On Peoples Faces
In one word, how would your best friend describe you: Unique
If you could look like anyone else, who would you want to look like:  I Don’t Think I would Look Like Anyone Else
If you were to have surgery what would you have corrected: Nothing I’m Awesome
Which cartoon character best resembles your character: Tasmanian Devil He Is Wild And Looney Same As Me 
Tell us a secret about yourself: I Used to be a Liverpool Fan When I Was a Kid

Music: Everything : I Listen To All Kinds Of Music
Band: Beatles and Linkin Park
Male Vocalist:  Buble MJ and Ed Sheeran
Female Vocalist: Adele, Whitney, Beyonce
Sport: Football, Darts,Boxing, Rugby League
Movie type: Comedy
Film: Big Daddy
Idol: Elton John
Holiday: Florida
Place: Tenerife
Food: Everything Haha
Soft drink: Banana Milkshake
Alcohol: Everything
Car: McLaren F1
Colour: Red
Clothes: Suit
Shop: River Island
Author: Terry Pratchett
Animal: Scorpion
Thing: Dog Walking
Saying: Smash And Grab