Tenerife Loves Karaoke 2013

Tenerife Loves Karaoke 2013!!!!
WIN - 1,000 euros in cash!
PLUS - perform live at the Tenerife Entertainment Awards 2013!
Heat 1: 07.03.2013 Harveys Bar, El Mirador, Los Cristianos>>
Heat 2: 14.03.2013 Churchills, Los Cristianos>>
Heat 3: 21.03.2013 Our Place, Costa Silencio>>
Heat 4: 28.03.2013 Springers, Los Cristianos>>
Heat 5: 04.04.2013 Premier Bar, Amarilla Golf>>
Heat 6: 11.04.2013 The Pub, Torviscas>>
Heat 7: 18.04.2013 Brewers Droop, Patch>>
Heat 8: 27.04.2013 Clouseaus Bar, Palm Mar>>
Heat 9: 09.05.2013 Terrace Bar, Amarilla Golf>>
Heat 10: 16.05.2013 Dreamers Bar, Los Cristianos>>
Heat 11: 23.05.2013 Leonardos, Central Las Americas>>
GRAND FINAL: 01.06.2013 Showtime, Karting Las Americas>>
Heat 1: Harveys Bar, Los Cristianos
Date: 7th March 2013
Winner: Somny
Winning song: Snow Patrol - Run
Heat 2: Churchills Bar, Los Cristianos
Date: 14th March 2013
Winner: Craig Seeney
Winning song: Adele - Make You Feel...
Heat 3: Our Place, Costa Silencio
Date: 21st March 2013
Winner: Alaya
Winning song: Adele - One & Only
 Heat 4: Springers, Los Cristianos
Date: 28th March 2013
Winner: Annaleese Feeney
Winning song: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
 Heat 5: Premier Bar, Amarilla Golf
Date: 4th April 2013
Winner: Kristen White
Winning song: Maybe This Time
Heat 6: The Pub, Torviscas
Date: 11th April 2013
Winner: Terry Saunders
Winning song: Signed Sealed Delivered
 Heat 7: Brewers Droop, Patch
Date: 18th April 2013
Winner: Laura Day
Winning song: Dream Catch Me
Heat 8: Clouseaus Bar, Palm Mar
Date: 27th April 2013
Winner: Peter Bruce
Winning song:
Heat 9: Terrace Bar, Amarilla Golf
Date: 9th May 2013
Winner: Cassie Kemp
Winning song:
Heat 10: Dreamers, Los Cristianos
Date: 16th May 2013
Winner: Alberto Andrade
Winning song: One sweet day
Heat 11: Dreamers, Los Cristianos
Date: 23rd May 2013
Winner: Amber Maene
Winning song:
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Tenerife Loves Karaoke 2011>>
Tenerife Loves Karaoke 2012>>
Tenerife Loves Karaoke is meant for entertainment and fun for the pub and its patrons.
First rule of thumb - where common sense should prevail as the answer - so it shall!
General Rules:
No employees of EmCan Media or its associated companies will be permitted to enter the event. To be eligible for this contest - you must abide by the following:
1. You must not earn more than 75% of your living as a singer or performer exclusively - karaoke hosts are welcome providing the other rules are adhered to.
2. You must not currently have a record deal or agency contract.
3. You must utilize the library of the venue for your song choices.
4. Each singer will prepare two (2) songs. The second song would be for the heat final if you are in the top 3.
5. While performing at Tenerife Loves Karaoke, your behaviour in the venue must be respectful and within the rules of the establishment, any disorderly conduct or drunken behavior will lead to immediate disqualification.
6. All singers will be required to use the microphones provided by the venue - no personal microphones will be permitted.
7. Costumes and props are permitted - extra people on stage of any kind and additional vocalists, even "un-mic-ed" are NOT!
8. Any damage or misuse of provided equipment (swinging microphones etc.) will not be permitted and may lead to disqualification.
9. You miss your turn on stage – you will get a zero for your song.
10. There will be public bathrooms and a small changing area if needed - but all are public and shared - so be prepared!
11. Any heat winner MUST be available for the Tenerife Loves Karaoke final at Showtime.
12. All entrants must be aged 13 or over on the day of the heat that they are entering in.
Heat Judges:
Heat judges will consist of the following:
1. Representative of the venue.
2. Venues host/compere.
3. Two EmCan Media representatives.

Judging Criteria:
Judges will be given a judges sheet and will score out of 50 for each performance on the following:
1. Vocal Ability: Ability to hit the correct notes in the song, sing in tempo, with correct emotion and breathing. OUT OF 30 POINTS!
2. Stage Presence: Ability to sell the song and connect with the audience, deliver true emotion of performance. OUT OF 10 POINTS!
3. Interpretation: Do you look and or sound like the star? Or did you make the song unique to your style? OUT OF 10 POINTS

In the event of any discrepancy - the judge’s decision will be final.

The top three (3) performers on the night will sing in that night’s heat final and sing their second song with the same scoring criteria applying.

Registration to take part:
1. Registration for any of the venues where the heats for Tenerife Loves Karaoke is being held can be via, facebook, telephoning the studios of Oasis Fm, or directly on the night at the venue until all places are filled!
2. In the event that there are too many singers for that particular night people who have pre-registered will sing first
3. We ask singers to arrive at the venue in plenty of time for the competition. Times will vary from venue to venue. Times and dates can be obtained from:
a. Oasis Fm
b. Canarian Weekly
c. The venue
d. Facebook

Finals Night at Showtime, Las Americas
The finals night will run from 8pm.
All heat winners will sing their first chosen song; there will then be a break for 20 minutes to determine the 3 which will go into the final sing off.
Four judges will be present at the final.

The judging will be based on the same qualities as the heats:
1. Vocal ability
2. Stage presence
3. Interpretation
and of course star quality!

We look forward to having you take part in Tenerife Loves Karaoke!