Steve Phillips

Steve has been a DJ / Presenter for over 30 years, living most of his life in the Southampton area.
He was instrumental in bringing local radio to the city with a popular campaign lead by local dignitaries and sporting legends including Matt Le Tissier, the Max fm battle bus was where the public could sign a petition and hear what local radio had to offer.
Steve worked for many of the stations that started after that successful campaign. He also was a busy DJ well known in the area working with the Lords Taverners Charity Ball's, as well as with Brian Connelly, Les Dawson Frank Carson, and Bradley Walsh.
He is also a popular choice for a Wedding host and his video show was a leader in the area.
He is married to Debbie (2009), and moved to Tenerife with their Westie Archie at the beginning of 2015.

What's the biggest gaffe you have made on air: Talking to a sex therapist who I was interviewing and leaving the mic on whoops.
Who is your radio hero: Tony Blackburn
Who has been the biggest influence on you: My agent Terry Rolph
Most memorable radio moment: First show in my home town
Who would you most like to interview or have as a guest: Peter Kay never know what's coming next!
What is the first record you ever bought: Sweet Ballroom Blitz

What makes you smile:
Making people happy.
What makes you unhappy: Big heads.
Bad habits: I'm a man what do you expect
Apart from your current partner, who would be your ideal date: Kylie Minogue!!!
What's your best feature: Kindness
What did you want to be when you were a kid: Footballer of course
What's the worst job you've ever done: Paint a sewage works whilst working
in Germany.
How do you spend your nights off: With Debbie & Archie just relaxing
What would you most like to be remembered for: Always being there for anyone.
In one word, how would your best friend describe you: Reliable.
If you could look like anyone else, who would you want to look like: George Clooney.
If you were to have surgery what would you have corrected: My weight
Which cartoon character best resembles your character: Foghorn Leghorn
Tell us a secret about yourself: I am a secret minion lover!

Band: Earth Wind & Fire
Male Vocalist: George Michael
Female Vocalist: Madonna
Sport: Football
Movie type: Thrillers
Film: Shawshank Redemption
Holiday: Relaxing
Place: New Zealand
Food: Gluten Free
Soft drink: Water
Alcohol: Lager
Car: Range Rover Sport.
Colour: Yellow
Clothes: Smart
Shop: Wortens
Author: James Patterson
Animal: Westie
Thing: Technical
Saying: Live life well and true.