Public File PF5

PF5 – Community

Oasis Fm believes that we should play as active a role as possible within the local community here in Tenerife . Management and staff get involved on a regular basis with many local organisations and charities - and we help to 'support the cause' wherever we can.

The Oasis Fm Noticeboard which runs across our programme schedule every day gives FREE publicity to local charities and organisations.

The feature allows them to publicise fund raising events, appeals for new staff or volunteers - or to appeal for new members.

If you're involved with any local charity or non-profit making organisation and you'd like free publicity, you can contact our news team on (+34) 902 232 101 and they'll make the arrangements.

Community Involvement

Oasis Fm works closely with many local organisations.

We have regular contact with emergency services across Tenerife , and have arrangements in place to react quickly where help is needed by the Police, Fire Service and other emergency services.

Specific examples of our community involvement this year include:

The Big Switch On.
The Tenerife Entertainment Awards.
Song for Christmas.
Christmas Card competition.
Darts League.
Bowling League.
English commentary from CD Tenerife.