Jodie Bryant

Jodie started at the university of Sunderland in 2009 studying English and Drama to become a teacher but shortly after arriving fell in love with media and decided to join the newly launching radio station Spark FM. She changed her degree to focus on media and studied radio and film and graduated with a BA Honors in 2012.

During her 3 years at Spark FM Jodie was part of the longest running breakfast show and also did a solo Friday afternoon slot as well as running the events team as events manager. Jodie took part in various charity events where at one point she was locked in a cage for 3 days to help raise money for the If U Care Share foundation which prevents, intervenes and supports those effected by suicide. 

Jodie also has work experience with Capital FM, BBC Newcastle and has also broadcasted on Absolute Radio 90s.

In 2015 Jodie decided to move to Tenrife and has worked at Joyce club ever since. In August 2016 she started at Oasis FM and is loving being back on the radio. #livingthedream

In December 2016, Jodie featured in 'Behind the Mic' in the Canarian Weekly, here's what she had to say.....

25 questions in 25 seconds!


What's the biggest gaffe you have made on air? - I was asked to read the weather and totally messed it up and that day it rained but was sunny and cold but warm because I completely misread it all!

Who is your radio hero? Stephanie Hirst, Sarah Cox and Scott Mills

Who has been the biggest influence on you? - Stephanie Hirst

Most memorable radio moment: When I won the demo factor at the student radio conference

Who would you most like to interview or have as a guest: David Beckham

What is the first record you ever bought: Shania Twain - That don't impress me


What makes you smile: food!

What makes you unhappy: people who are rude!

Bad habits: Swearing...(but not on air!)

Apart from your current partner who would be your ideal date: Robbie Williams 

What's your best feature: my smile

What did you want to be when you were a kid: a popstar!!!

What's the worst job you've ever done: I used to pack deliveries in a factory... ZZZZZ

How do you spend your nights off? - eating takeaways and sleeping

What would you most like to be remembered for: my personality and kindness

In one word how would your best friend describe you: nightmare

If you could look like anyone else, who would you want to look like? Jennifer Lawrence

If you were to have surgery what would you have corrected: I'd have Botox for my forehead wrinkles haha!

Which cartoon character best resembles your character: Peter griffin!

Tell us a secret about yourself: A lady never reveals her secrets


Music: I could never pick a genre for definite but I love a bit of old school 90s cheese

Band: The Killers

Male Vocalist: Ed Sheeran

Female Vocalist: Adele

Sport: Football #GGMU

Movie Type: Comedy

Film: Shrek

Idol: Sharon Osbourne

Holiday: Florida

Place: Home with my family

Food: PIZZA!

Soft drink: Coffee

Alcohol: Juicy!

Car: BMW

Colour: Blue

Clothes: Anything comfortable

Shop: Too many to choose from!

Author: Martina Cole

Animal: Penguin

Thing: My bed

Saying: If you can't be good be careful!