Cyder Cup 2016

Oasis taste Cyder success
THE third Cyder Cup was another roaring success. Amarilla Golf hosted and 88 players duelled it out playing either for Oasis Fm or Blacktower Financial Management.
There was little between the sides. In hot and sunny conditions, the feeling on the course was that Blacktower had won, but when the scorecards came in, a different story developed.
Oasis Fm had done it again and snuck another fine margin win. Their captain Roscoe said “That is now three in a row! It was a brilliant day and maybe we will let them win the next time!”
Losing captain Ally Kerr from Blacktower Financial Management countered “You are not winning this Cup again, so enjoy it! Seriously it has been so much fun. I love this event, the day and the wonderful camaraderie. Roll on Cyder Cup 4!”