The Couple & Co

Ever wondered what a real life couple on the radio would sound like? Well wonder no more. Because these are a real life couple and the 'Co' is YOU! (if you can be bothered to get involved)
Join us as we all take a roller coaster ride into relationships, friendships and uncomfortable situations. We will cover ALL topics!
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The couple
JK (Jason King) - radio and tv presenter and other half of JK and Joel (can we point out other half as in a business relationship) because JK's actual other half in a more intimate way is Charlie O'Brien who is also a radio and tv presenter (3 guesses how they met!)

The Co
Nigel who has pretty much become the mediator and good friend of JK and Charlie. He also works in radio and is from New Zealand and not Australia.
Now and again when we can drag him away from horse racing, wrestling, fake tanning and wine, my old liability mate and co host Joel will be kicking around with other friends and family.
We understand that you are busy. Join us as we all take a roller coaster ride into relationships, friendships and uncomfortable situations (mainly for Nige when JK puts his foot in it, which happens A LOT!)
JK Charlie & Nige xxx (Charlie insisted on the kisses)

About JK (written by JK)
I'm an award winning radio and TV presenter... What?? I am, you can check.! I won a trophy for the best under 16's ploughing contest and a donkey derby in Worcestershire.

I have worked for loads of great places including BBC Radio 1, Virgin Radio/Absolute Radio, ITV, CBBC, Channel 4 and shed loads more.

About Charlie (written by Charlie in case JK gets there first, and he can't spell!)

I am also award winning (although my trophy is smaller than JK's) and I'm a radio presenter, journalist, web presenter, blogger and all round chatterbox.
As well as the award for talking on the radio I also have a stash of medals and trophies for - wait for it - Irish dancing! These days I need at least 4 vino's though to show you my moves.
Oh and JK is my boyfriend. And we live in sin. And we're both vertically challenged. And I do his washing.

About Nige (Written by Nige, sorry about any spelling mistakes)

I'm from New Zealand but often accused of being Australian (mostly by geographically dyslexic JK)
Moved back to the UK a couple of years ago with lovely and very tolerant, accommodating wife Princess.
One of 3 children and sufferer of middle child syndrome, this does come in handy though when stuck in between JK & Charlie.
Big sports fan and enjoy boring JK with Cricket and Rugby analogies, plus do a very good impersonation of legendary commentator Ritchie Benaud!
Worked (if you can really call it work) in radio in various roles since leaving school, highlights include; almost winning stuff, giving away stuff, doing stupid stuff and running for Town Mayor but luckily only coming third in the final vote!!