Paul Breen Turner

Paul Breen-Turner….or “PBT” as he is known to his mates (or people who can't be bothered to spend the 20 minutes it takes to say his name) has broadcast for more than 17 years.
Early years were spent between his mums home town Cape Town, and then it was off for some serious sheep shearing in Mid Wales!
Paul got the broadcasting bug in the early 90s and trained with the team at BBC Radio Bristol, there then followed trips into TV football commentary and a successful 18 month spell anchoring drive time on Talksport Radio in the UK with the legendary Rodney Marsh, during this time PBT stupidly offered an angry Mike Tyson outside (this was while standing behind Marsh), on a more serious note the duo won high praise for their moving, last ever interview with George Best!!
His favorite singer EVER is the late, great Teddy Pendergrass, Frank Sinatra and the Bee Gees, but the Black eyed Peas would also be in there as would Coldplay and snow Patrol!

In January 2017 Paul featured in 'Behind the Mic' in the Canarian Weekly, here's what he had to say.....

PBT chats with music legend George Benson!
PBT managed to get hold of George Benson for a few minutes during his visit, to ask all about his life and passion for music......
Listen to their interview here>>
25 questions in 25 seconds!
Star sign: Pisces
Marital status: Single
What makes you smile: Sailing
What makes you unhappy: Rough seas
Bad habits: Biting my nails
Sports: Football....but from an armchair!
Movie type: American gangster
Film: Raging Bull
Your idol: Robert De Niro - amazing actor.
Holiday: Anywhere away from a phone aand a laptop
Place: My yacht
Food: Italian
Soft drink: Diet Coke
Alcohol: Wine
Car: Aston Martin DB5
Colour: Silver
Shop: Anything techy
Band: My current band is Coldday
Animal: Dolphin
Thing: My record collection
Saying: Live every day as if it's your last, as one day it will be.