Darren Shortt Biog

Biog: Darren has been a DJ and entertainer since he was a young lad, and started in the media business in 1990 with Max Fm.
He has worked throughout the UK on stations such as Worth Fm and The Quay, as well as Cable Radio and Digi Radio on the internet, and during this time he also did alot of TV voice-over work for mainstream television, and after listening to his show you may recognise the voice!
Darren also does alot of live work on stage including BBC Live Festivals and road shows , presenting to up to 10,000 people at a time, and working alongside some of the biggest names in the business.
He takes great pride in being able to adapt his style and performance to suit any age or audience.

Star sign: Capricorn
Marital status: Attached or as mummy calls it LIVING IN SIN
What makes you smile: FHM HONEY CALENDER
What makes you unhappy: NO FOOD
Bad habits: Breaking wind I do it an awful lot!


Sports: Yeah im over 100 kilos like I can even spell sprout
Movie type: Comedy
Film: Scrooged - QUALITY
Your idol: Steve wright…A GOD….
Holiday: Barbados
Place: Kitchen closet we keep food there
Food: Any really… Mcdonalds is high on list then Kfc then Burger king Oh and.. Kebabs!
Soft drink: Coke!
Alcohol: Never!!!
Car: Really me drive… Nope they stopped me doing that years ago!
Colour: Partial to lilac
Clothes brand: Is Asda a brand..??? (Yes, George at Asda, ed)
Shop: Favourite ever is Maplins… Electrical gadget overload!!
Band: Bare Naked Ladies
Author: Gordon by the Barenaked ladies soooo cooool
Animal: Monkeys
Thing: Computers and computer games they’re so funky!!!
Saying: How cool is that!!!