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The Chris Marsden Experience

Having escaped from his strait jacket, Chris found the studio and started doing his new show - The Chris Marsden Experience!
Great music, great chat, great sketches, great characters, and great jokes (well most of them!?!) Can you keep up!
Biog: Chris Marsden started broadcasting from his bedroom at the age of 9 years old - to his two Teddybears.
Things progressed on to hospital radio and before he knew it Barry Stockdale and Rob Wagstaff gave him his break into radio.
From BBC Radio Sheffield and 96 Trent FM in Nottingham, Chris moved on to pastures greener. His next stop was Minster FM in York, Hallam FM in Sheffield and then onto a further role as Early Breakfast at Mercia FM, under the watchful eye of The GWR Group!Things moved on from there back up to his roots of North Yorkshire, to breakfast at Garrison Radio UK, entertaining British troops.

The Big Interview
Favourite Song?
Stan Ridgeway - Camouflage - Don't ask me's a long story!
Most Hated Song?
'Shaddup You Face' by Joe Dolce. It stopped Vienna by Ultravox from getting to number one. Only rude words can explain how I still feel about that happening!
Favourite Groups or Artists?
I'm an 80's QUEEN - Nuff said!
Laughter, My wife and family!
Big Heads - Although being a Christian guy, I guess I'll turn the other cheek!
Favourite Food?
Chicken and Chips when I'm abroad and at home a decent Methi from the local curry house!
Favourite Drink?
Guest Beers!
Most Treasured Possession?
My family!
If you weren't a radio presenter, what job would you do?
Probably still doing my health care support workers job - LOVED IT!
If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?
I know it sounds a bit PROM QUEEN - World Peace!
If you won the lottery, what would you buy?
Just pay my bills off, boring I know! Then I'd invest in something worth while!
Music, movies, food, drink and stuff that happens behind a closed bedroom door?????????

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