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Darts League - Captain's Responsibilities

Leagues Notes For Captains

a) It’s the Captain’s job to ensure that his/her team arrive at the correct venue at the correct time on the correct date

b) It is the Captain’s job to do the draw at the beginning of a match.

c) It is the Captain’s job to resolve any mistakes that occur during a scoring error or a player throwing out of turn.

d) The most important job on the night is to report the result to the ‘Results Secretary’ (Geoff) this includes cup competitions as well.

e) It is the captain’s job to oversee a toss of a coin to decide the scoring order.

f) Results must not only include the overall score but also the trebles winners, for example a text message should read:
Phoenix Bar 5 Bar 180 A 3 Phoenix won the trebles
Failure to report any result by a Captain will result in a 3euro deduction in the subscription refund at the end of the season every time this happens.

g) It is also the Captains job to attend every Captains Meeting that takes place throughout the course of the season. If a team is not represented at a meeting by the Captain or Vice Captain and they have not given their subsequent apologies this will result in a 10 euro deduction being made from the subscription refund at the end of the season.

h) Your team is reliant on you as a Captain to perform these responsibilities and aid and assist in the smooth running of our fine league.

All monies deducted will be returned into the Leagues ‘Kitty’

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