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Pip Brown

How long have you been on the island: Since March 2010
What has changed for the better: Errm
What has changed for the worse: Roads, wipe the old markings off if you change the direction of the road!
If you were Mayor, what changes would you make: The Mayoress
Best kept secret on the Tenerife: The location of Lord Lucan
Perfect Tenerife day off: Duvet, DVD’s, Leeds match, beer, massage.........
What is your one tip to a potential worker: Be you. Don’t try to conform to the regime
What is your one tip to holidaymakers: Eat marmite (Eh??? ed)

What’s the biggest gaffe you have made on air: Knowing nothing about rugby & doing a sports show!
Who is your radio hero: Kenny Everett, Terry Wogan, Mark & Lard, Moyles
Who has been the biggest influence on you: Howard Stern
Most memorable radio moment: With my brother on hospital radio
Who would you most like to interview or have as a guest: Lee Harvey Oswald! I’ll find out the truth!
What is the first record you ever bought: Jive Bunny (I was only 10!)

What makes you smile: the muscles in my face
What makes you unhappy: Hopscotch
Bad habits: Picking other peoples’ noses
Apart from your current partner, who would be your ideal date: Dr Hymelich, just in case I choke on lobster.
What’s your best feature: Elbow (just the left one)
What did you want to be when you were a kid: a girl
What’s the worst job you’ve ever done: Putting my shelves up wonky!
How do you spend your nights off: night(s)? Plural? Playing Hopscotch
What would you most like to be remembered for: I forget....
In one word, how would your best friend describe you: (Removed for legal reasons)
If you could look like anyone else, who would you want to look like: My twin
If you were to have surgery what would you have corrected: My right elbow
Which cartoon character best resembles your character: Roger Rabbit
Tell us a secret about yourself: I’m not really short, I just like to kneel

Music: Rock/Punk
Band: Eesh too many
Male Vocalist: Robin Gibb
Female Vocalist: Alison Krauss
Sport: Football
Movie type: Biographies – Ray, Man on the moon etc
Film: Dead Man’s Shoes
Idol: Andy Kaufman
Holiday: Camping (Old School)
Place: A dark room
Food: Lamb Chops
Soft drink: Ice tea
Alcohol: John Smiths
Car: One that works
Colour: Red
Clothes: None
Shop: Charity shops
Author: Biogs or Tom Hodkinson
Animal: Snake – I owned 2
Thing: My guitars
Saying: Are we nearly there yet? (When I’m driving)


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