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Celebrity Smelly Brother 2006

Welcome to 'Celebrity Smelly Brother'.
In 2004 Oasis Fm introduced the concept of Smelly Brother to the world - this time it's the turn of celebrities, can they stand the stench!
The concept is simple....there's 5 celebrities, in one caravan, with one bucket - and the last one out wins....

Click the pictures below to find out more about our celebrities....

Michael Parkinson
James Mason
Sir David Frost
Marge Simpson
Jonathan Ross
On this page you will be able to find out the latest news as it happens direct from the caravan, see the latest tasks set for our celebrities, plus vote for evictions as they happen...see the links below...
Latest News:

10.30am - Celebrities revealed and presented to the public.
10.50am - Each one is asked what they would do if they won Celebrity Smelly Brother?
Marge: 'I'd be delighted and get a new hairdo!'
Michael: 'To be honest I have everything I could ever need, but I think I'd buy Barnsley'
Sir David: 'Hello, good morning and welcome to Smelly Brother!' (Then he went).
We're not sure what Jonathan said as we couldn't understand him.
12.03pm - Press Conference at Oasis Towers for the celebrities.
1.35pm - All five celebs are driven to the secret location of the caravan in La Escalona to see their living conditions for the next week.
2.43pm - The bucket is introduced to our celebs, it is met with mixed reactions!
4.30pm - Our five caravan mates return to their luxury 5 star hotel in Fañabe to prepare themselves for a drop in standards over the next week.
6.15pm - The celebrities submit their one luxury item they can take into the caravan with them on Sunday morning. This item will be revealed tomorrow.....

Saturday 25th February
12.00pm -
Celebrity luxury items announced.....
Marge: hairdryer.
Michael: Barnsley FC football shirt.
Jonathan: A fluffy pink nightie!?!
Sir David: a teddy bear called 'Noodles'.
James: An extra large jar of Bryl Cream.
3.00pm - Michael and male caravan mates decide to watch football on TV to pass the time.
4.47pm - Michael is ecstatic as Barnsley beat Colcehester 1-0.
7.35pm - 'The Last Supper'. The celebs last meal in their luxury hotel before they enter the caravan the following day.

Sunday 26th February
11.07am - Our 5 celebrities leave their hotel to be driven to the caravan hidden in La Escalona.
12.00pm - With no press or public around them, our celebs enter the caravan......who will be first to use the bucket!!!
12.01pm - Jonathan Ross christens the bucket, with what is later hailed as - 'a stinker!'
1.04pm - All 5 celebs proclaim their boredom as they have now been in the caravan for 1 hour and 4 minutes.
3.07pm - Marge starts a game of 'I Spy' with Sir David and James.
8.09pm - 'I Spy' finishes.
8.11pm - Celebs realise that the caravan is also a bit scary in the dark isolated hills of Tenerife.
10.13pm - Everyone takes the mickey out of Jonathan becuase of his pink fluffy nightie.

Monday 27th February - HEAR DAY 1 AUDIO HERE>>
7.30am -
The caravan mates are up bright and early after their first nights sleep in the van.
8.04am - Marge sets about making everyone a nice healthy full English breakfast.
8.57am - The males in the caravan take it in turns to visit the bucket for an early morning.....
10.00am - Smelly Brother sets all the caravan mates their first daily task. For this they have to try and understand what Jonathan is saying!!
1.15pm - Jonathan wins the task as he is the only one who has a clue what he was going on usual.
4.37pm - The celebrities take precautions as weather conditions deteriorate and high winds start blowing in from the west.
6.45pm - With rain now pouring down and high winds outside, the caravan mates decide to stay in the caravan and discuss who they think will be evicted first. Jonathan put forward his point of view....but no-one could understand what he was saying.

Tuesday 28th February - HEAR DAY 2 AUDIO HERE>>
10.30am -
1st Eviction. Marge Simpson is voted out by the public.
11.15am - As its Pancake Day, Smelly Brother has set the task of making pancakes for the housemates - with Marge gone this is easier said than done!
1.12pm - After almost burning down the caravan our celebs finally get to eat their pancakes as cooked by Michael.
4.35pm - The caravan mates decide to play strip poker....with no women....strange....more tomorrow!

Wednesday 1st March - HEAR DAY 3 AUDIO HERE>>
10.30am -
2nd Eviction. Jonathan Ross is voted out by the public.
11.05am - At the press release he wears his pink fluffy nightie and expresses his disappointment...but no-one can understand him.
12.38pm - The remaining 3, Michael, James and David are allowed out to play cricket in celebration of Englands 1st test against India.
3.20pm - Michael claims victory as apparently cricket is very popular in Barnsley.
4.07pm - The lads decied to have a discussion about Englands chances in the World Cup.
4.09pm - Conversation ends....

Thursday 2nd March - HEAR DAY 4 AUDIO HERE>>
10.30am -
3rd Eviction. Sir David Frost is voted out by the public.
10.45am - Michael and James. shocked by Davids departure, spend time discussing how their lives will change if they win Celebrity Smelly Brother.
2.10pm - They decide it won't make any difference whatsoever.
3.11pm - Michael visits the diary cupboard to complain about the lack of binbags and the mounting stench from....the bucket, is he starting to crack.
4.19pm - Smelly Brother reveals that James and Michael will be having a slap up meal as the final supper inside the caravan.
8.45pm - Following their seafood meal, its champagne all round for our last 2 celebrities as they spend their last night getting drunk.....but the big question is.....who will be crowned the winner of Celebrity Smelly Brother 2006????.....find out tomorrow......

Friday 3rd March - HEAR DAY 5 AUDIO HERE>>
9.30am -
An early final breakfast for Michael and James plus a final use of the infamous bucket (now available on ebay!) before the final eviction.....
Midday -
MICHAEL PARKINSON is announced as winner of Celebrity Smelly Brother 2006.

Celebrity Smelly brother is broadcast daily on Breakfast with Darren Clynes, Drive with Big Chris, and during the Chris Marsden Experience.

See the Celebrity Smelly Brother caravan>>
Celebrity Smelly Brother...sponsored by the Jungle Fun Pub, Puerto Colon.
Please note.....Celebrity Smelly Brother is completely fictional and not meant to upset or offend anyone in any way, shape or form. In fact, at the end of the's just a bit of fun. Enjoy!

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