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Updated: 1 hour 33 min ago

Marine National Park is a ‘mini- Mediterranean’

Fri, 02/08/2019 - 11:45

THE largest marine park in the Western Mediterranean was opened off the coast of Mallorca last Friday, after a decade of planning to increase protection there.

The Cabrera National Park, south of the island, which covers a huge area, began as a joint land-and-sea-protected area in 1991.

It has the maximum level of legal protection for a natural space under Spanish law, and Ricardo Aguilar, of the Oceana Europe environmental NGO, said the park’s opening was a “great day” for the Mediterranean.

“This is home to an enormous amount of marine life and ecosystems, so it is an emblem of the submerged, natural heritage we must pass on to future generations,” he added. “It truly is a Mediterranean in miniature.”

The National Park increases the size of the ocean-part of the protected area from 4% to 23%, and is home to marine life, including sperm whales, dolphins, coral, swordfish and bluefin tuna.