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SPONTANEOUS protests erupted across

Fri, 10/18/2019 - 10:38

SPONTANEOUS protests erupted across Catalonia this week by people demanding the release of separatist leaders, after they had been given stiff sentences by the Spanish Supreme Court. Tens of thousands of furious Catalans marched on Barcelona, taking to the city’s streets, and its airport, from Monday onwards.

On Wednesday, for the third consecutive night, there were more ugly riots, the most intense so far, combined with firework blazes, as the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police) battled to contain the protesters, leading to a city lockdown as a result. Radical protesters even launched firework rockets at the Mossos’ helicopter, but to no avail.

The Catalans’ anger turned to violence because nine democrats and civil society leaders had been imprisoned for several years after organising a 2017 referendum for Calatan independence, which had been banned by the Spanish Government.

Catalan President Quim Torra, who condemned the riots as several arrests were made, said: “There is no justification for burning cars or for any vandalism. This has to stop.”

Earlier, though, he had stressed: “My Government did not accept a verdict, which was an insult to democracy that showed contempt for Catalan society”.

Meanwhile, groups of hooded rebels faced off against the Mossos, the battle taking place against a backdrop of fire, burning cars, hurled stones, acid and Molotov cocktails, much like a war zone, while 80 people were receiving treatment in hospital.

The start of these nerve-racking demos followed Monday sentencing of the Catalan leaders to prison, from nine to 13 years, for sedition and misuse of public funds in a failed 2017 independence bid.

Within minutes of the ruling, demonstrators poured on to the streets of the Catalan capital, waving flags and blocking traffic over the conviction of the separatist leaders. Much more was to follow!

The protests got underway in Barcelona, including one on the city’s main thoroughfare, the Via Laietana, with angry supporters of the Catalan leaders demanding their release.

Crowds also gathered at Plaça San Jaume, the seat of the Catalan government in Barcelona. There were also reports of protesters putting barricades across train tracks and roads.

Meanwhile, Democratic Tsunami, a group advocating more active forms of civil disobedience, sent a message to its 150,000 members, urging them to march on Barcelona Airport, some 15km from the city centre.

“The time has come to make our voice felt around the world,” read the message. “The goal: stop the activity of Barcelona’s airport.”

Torra, flanked by members of the current Catalan Government, said the Catalans would continue to fight for independence, adding: “Repression will never triumph over dialogue, democracy and self-determination.”

Video images from the airport showed riot police clashing with protesters, with reports of tear gas being fired inside the terminal. And some Catalonia police were accused of using excessive brutality on protesters.

A 22-year-old man lost an eye after being hit by a rubber bullet, and there were other horrific injuries reported during the fierce clashes between police and protesters.

At least 170 people are reported to have been injured, after huge crowds of protesters gathered in the streets in the days after the ruling.

Shocking footage, posted online, appears to show police ramming rebels with vehicles, an officer throwing an old woman to the ground, as well as a man, already floored, being punched in the face by another officer.

Violence also erupted between those on opposite sides of Catalonia’s independence debate, with one video showing a man throwing an elderly lady to the ground, after she had been taunting Catalonians with a Spanish flag.

In Barcelona centre, the rebels hurled bottles, flares and fireworks at the Mossos, as well as using fences they had erected outside the Government Delegation in Barcelona… and anything else they could get their hands on. Meanwhile, several roads were blocked.

Barcelona’s El Prat Airport also turned into a battleground, and over 100 flights were cancelled on Monday, plus another 45 on Tuesday and more the following day. Chants, including “give us back the prisoners or the streets will be ours”, could also be heard.

Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, in support of the Supreme Court judges’ decision, wrote on Twitter: “The Government of Spain respects and abides by the decision of the Spanish Supreme Court, which puts an end to a judicial procedure meeting all requirements of due process, transparency and separation of powers.”

Sanchez, who faces another General Election on 10th November, to try to regain his power, added: “Nobody is above the law. In a democracy, nobody is subject to trial for his or her ideas or politics, but, rather, for criminal conduct as provided by the law. In Spain, there are no political prisoners, but some politicians in prison for violating our democratic laws.”

We’ll soon be saving cash on water, and electricity!

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 16:44

NEW rules just announced by the EU, and set to come into force in April 2021, will ensure that household appliances will last longer and use less water and electricity.

The legislation has been prompted by complaints from consumers across Europe, frustrated by machines that break down when they are just out of warranty, leading to much controversy.

Under the EU’s new standards, manufacturers will have to make spare parts, such as door gaskets and thermostats, available for a period of up to 10 years.

But the “right to repair” campaigners say the rules do not go far enough, because professionals only and not consumers, will be able to carry out the repairs.

Campaigners say individual consumers should also be allowed to buy spares and mend their own machines. But manufacturers said this would raise questions about risk and liability.

Instead, manufacturers will have to ensure that key parts of the product can be replaced by independent professionals for the period stipulated; 10 years for washing machines and dishwashers; seven years for refrigerators.

The new rules are aimed, primarily, at ensuring that appliances have a longer life, but also include provisions to make them more energy efficient, reducing the strain on the environment and saving the consumer up to €150 per year.

The environmental issue has been one of the main priorities in this new legislation, as European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen underlined, saying: “With this legislation, we are striving to reduce the environmental footprint and reduce energy bills for all European Union citizens.”

The new, eco-design standards require washing machines and dishwashers to use less water. Star ratings for the energy efficiency of appliances will be increased. Current regulations are seen to be outdated, with more than 55% of washing machines sold in the EU ranked A+++ on the label.

The move could, directly, save €20bn on energy bills per year in Europe, from 2030 onwards, and that’s equivalent to 5% of EU electricity consumption.

Chloe Fayole, of environmental group Ecos said: “People are demanding their right to repair things they own because they’re tired of products designed to break prematurely.”

The new measures will also be applicable to supermarket and restaurant refrigerators, as well as vending machines. The European Commission estimates energy savings of some 167 TWh by 2030, the equivalent of the total annual energy consumption of Denmark.

The measures will also result in nearly 50 million tonnes of CO2 emissions savings


One in 10 Spaniards vegetarian or vegan, – and more on way!

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 16:25

AS many as 10% of Spaniards are opting to cut meat out of their diets, particularly women and young people, according to recent research, and the number is growing.

Consultancy firm Lantern’s report, The Green Revolution: Understanding The Veggie Revolution, shows that 0.5% of the Spanish population follows an exclusively vegan diet, with 1.5% vegetarian, without meat or fish.  And 7.9% refer to themselves as “flexitarians”, meaning they are basically vegetarian but, very occasionally, eat meat or fish. No figures are available for those who identify as “pescatarian”, who eat fish but not meat, possibly because, until recently, they would have been considered vegetarian.

But the definition is now changing, and a “true” vegetarian is said to be someone who does not eat fish, either.

In total, including “flexitarians”, those who never, or rarely eat meat, account for 9.9% of the Spanish population, the “never” totalling 2%.

During last year, says the Lantern report, meat-free diets increased by 27% in Spain, and nowadays, 817,000 Spaniards do not eat meat at all.

Three main reasons are behind the decision to stop eating meat, or to go completely vegetarian or vegan, says Lantern. One of these is a growing concern about animal welfare, with 84% of those interviewed considering it crucial to improve conditions of farm creatures, offer them a better quality of life, and in a smaller but rising percentage of respondents, being completely against killing animals for food, or for any reason other than entirely humane ones.

The second and third main motives for cutting out meat, Lantern reveals, are seeking improved health, in light of ongoing reports of red meat and processed meat increasing the risks of cancer and cardiovascular conditions, along with climate change.

In the case of the latter, the meat industry is one of the causes of greenhouse gas emissions, which trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere and increase the average global temperature. This is leading to a greater incidence of extreme weather conditions, such as droughts, storms, floods, extreme cold, and heatwaves.

According to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a balanced diet, based largely based on ingredients of vegetable origin, and with a small portion of those of animal origin, produced sustainably and ethically, “offers great opportunities for adaptation and mitigation” of climate change, while “generating major, collateral benefits in terms of human health”.


Ryanair flies to rescue of an off-course turtle

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 16:24

IRISH airline Ryanair has offered to airlift an endangered loggerhead turtle back to the Canaries after it was swept to Ireland by hurricane-force winds.

It was barely alive when it was found on the Galway coast and is around six years old. It was caught up in ferocious Atlantic storms including Hurricane Dorian, which destroyed the Bahamas.

But the reptile has had nearly a month of recuperation, and she is nearly ready to be returned to home, via a Ryanair flight. Once she reaches Gran Canaria, she will be checked into the island’s Aquarium Turtle Hospital, before being released back into the sea.

Kevin Flannery, Director of Dingle Oceanworld, told the Irish Daily Mirror: “We have our own Ninja Turtle hero in Michael O’Leary, after he agreed to fly Mara back to the Canaries. He came to the rescue

Flannery said the turtle, called Mara, is the youngest ever to have had care in their facility.

He added: “Mara barely survived. She would have left the Saragossa Sea for the Canaries, and then was pushed up by the Atlantic hurricanes and storms.

“Marine animals tend to dive down deep when there is a hurricane, but turtles have to come up and breathe, and, with her being so young (one foot long, and just as wide), she wouldn’t have had the strength to swim against the wind and the waves. She would have been tossed around. She was in shock and suffering from hypothermia when found.”

But while she had a rough journey, she is finally fit to go back into the ocean, thanks to the help of Ryanair.

Dingle director Flannery added: “She had put on about a kilo, and she is very active. We’re feeding her fish like squid, but she’ll go straight to the hospital.

“More than likely, she’ll be released after a very short period. They have quite a number of turtles there with damage from speed boats.”


City star makes a Silva trophy tour in his hometown  

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 16:24

DAVID Silva, the quicksilver Manchester City star, returned to his Gran Canaria home with the four football trophies he won last season with the club, to share his success with his family, friends and neighbours, as well as the youngsters of CD Arguineguín. ​

“It is a proud moment for me to be here, with the people of my land, and, hopefully, some of these children can get titles like this in the future, and enjoy them, as I have done, said David.

“I really would have loved to have this opportunity as a child, and enjoy an evening like this with any of my idols.”

The trophies, League Cup, FA Cup, Premier League Cup and Community Shield were in place from noon, but David arrived at the football ground where he started playing at around 5pm.

He was welcomed with a standing ovation and guard of honour, performed by players from the club’s youngest categories, who wear the footballer’s Academy’s Silva21 logo on their shirts.

David had his pictures taken with all of them, along with the trophies won by City last season, and also with the winners of Manchester City kits, signed by him to mark the occasion.

But locals and young fans were not the only people present. Fans from around the island made the journey to Arguineguín to share a special moment with their idol, along with many English tourists and City supporters, living or spending their holidays in Gran Canaria, who took the opportunity to visit Arguineguín, as well as Tenerife’s Official Supporters’ Club, who flew to Gran Canaria to greet David.

Before the event, on Friday morning, David took the Premier League, FA Cup and the Carabao Cup to his grandparents’ home, in the port of Arguineguín, where he spent most of his childhood, and where first played football.

The football star also took a moment to take a photo with his grandparents, Doña Antonia and Don Fernando, and his son Mateo. “The street where it all began,” he later posted on Twitter.


Get cashback now with the new Liberty Seguros promotion!

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:31

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Drink-drug flight mother sent to jail for 15 months

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:30
A DRUNKEN British mother was jailed for 15 months after screaming “you can’t f****** stop me”, and for exposing herself, on her birthday flight to Fuerteventura from Manchester, where she lives. Natasha Allen, 30, said to have been “out of control” on the journey, and was also described as “loutish and self-indulgent”, forced the plane, carrying 200 people, to land in Faro, Portugal, Manchester Crown Court heard. The holiday-maker had been travelling with two mates on 12th September last year before she began abusing cabin crew. Staff on the now-defunct Thomas Cook service saw Allen produce a bottle of vodka, half of which she had already drunk in the departure lounge. She began trying to buy soft-fruit drinks J20s to mix with her spirit, before workers confiscated her alcohol and asked for her passport details. While the drunken traveller was in the toilet, staff allegedly searched her bags for her passport, before she returned and labelled one a “f****** thief”. Evidently, she also accused staff of spilling a drink on her jogging bottoms, which she pulled down in front of the other passengers. The court heard that Allen had said: “I have had my children taken off me so I will swear if I want to. You can’t f****** stop me.” She eventually returned to her seat, before the pilot had already decided to land the plane in Portugal. She was dragged off the aircraft by Portuguese police, before being summoned to Manchester Crown Court. Judge Hilary Manley said Allen had reached the “end of the line” and added that she was also under the influence of “cannabis”.

Some €700bn set aside to lift tourism industry

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:28

CREDIT schemes of up to €700bn have been approved to help soften the blow to Spain’s tourism industry, following the Thomas Cook collapse in September.

The Spanish Government is offering up to €200bn finance, through the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to attend to immediate economic emergencies in the sector, such as hotels which have not yet been paid for travellers’ trips.

A further €500bn has been set aside for companies in the industry to borrow from, to expand, adapt and improve their businesses to make the holiday sector in Spain more competitive, attractive and better equipped.

This includes taking on more staff, modernisation, new ideas and lines of trade, as well as a “going digital”.

The latter €500bn will be available through the State Finance Fund for Competitiveness in Tourism (FOCIT), administered by the ICO, and linked to the Secretary of State for Tourism.

Among the steps included with this release of funds for the industry are direct financial benefits of €15bn and €8bn, respectively, for the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, which have been the hardest hit by the Thomas Cook collapse. That’s because these islands are among Spain’s most popular package-holiday destinations for UK tourists.

“We’re focusing on everyone affected, and very much so, on the workers who lost their jobs after the chain went down,” said Carmen Calvo, Spain’s Acting Deputy President.

Ever since the Government found out that Thomas Cook was about to go out of business, and that the UK authorities did not intend to bail it out, ministers have been analysing “justice measures”, said Sra Calvo, and she has not ruled out launching legal action on behalf of those in Spain who have suffered the most damage.

The Spanish Commission of Business Organisations (CEOE) has been brought on board as part of a “combined response to the legitimate defence of interests” of traders and workers. And the Ministries of Justice and of Tourism are working on setting up information and advice for companies owed money.

Some of the industry’s extra support and finance is aimed at making it more sustainable as an economy and a job market, focusing heavily on removing the seasonal aspect of it, which is responsible for employment being largely temporary or, if permanent, with long lay-off periods, on the islands and coasts.

But, said Sra Calvo: “It is hoped this will be achieved by diversification and digitalisation.”


Irish grandad portrays grave sense of humour

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:28

A DUBLIN man was given his dying wish to make his loved ones laugh as much at him as death as they did in life.

Irishman Shay Bradley planned an elaborate prank before he passed away, in a bid to give his mourners something to chuckle about at his funeral.

The grandad-of-eight has gone viral from beyond the grave, after footage of his final journey in a south Dublin graveyard began whipping around the world.

The clip shows mourners gathered around Shay’s open grave, applauding as bagpipe music begins when, suddenly, the tunes stop and a man can be heard saying “hello”, and knocking on what sounds like the inside of the coffin, reports Dublin Live.

Shocked family and friends are filmed looking around in disbelief as Shay begins to roar “let me out” from a pre-recorded message being played through a speaker.

Their tears soon turn to laughter when Shay can be heard saying “it’s dark in here”.

Shay continues: “Let me out. I can hear you! Is that the priest I can hear? I’m in the box; can you hear that?”

The south Dublin native finishes the prank by serenading the crowd shortly before the video ends. His daughter, Andrea, posted the video on Facebook saying: “My dad’s dying wish, always the pranksters. You got them good Poppabear, and gave us all a laugh just when we needed it! I will love you forever #shayslastlaugh.”

She added on Twitter: “It was his dying wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man, to make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad. He was some man for one man. Love you forever Poppabear.”

Shay’s service was conducted last Saturday at St. Kevin’s Church, Kilnamanagh, and was buried at Bohernabreena Cemetery.

He is survived by his loving wife Anne and children Jonathan, Susanne, James and Andrea, along with eight children.








Re-open Masca Barranco, urges local Mayor Emilio

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:27

THE closure of Masca Barranco has resulted in the loss of 70 jobs, and Buenavista del Norte Mayor Emilio Navarro is urging Tenerife Cabildo to re-open the hamlet, which attracts some two million tourists a year.

Although he is against private management, as is the case of Adeje’s Infierno nature reserve, he does not exclude it, if that leads to the Barranco reopening.

The closure was blamed on a group of walkers who, despite an orange-level weather alert for heavy rain and strong winds, still decided to tackle the Barranco.

Reaching Masca Bay, they found the jetty damaged, with no boats available to take them back to the safety of civilisation. There was also a weather alert for wild seas, which kept the water taxis in harbour.

The walkers were fortunate that a goatherd was seeing out the storm in the area, because they would have had to attempt a walk back up the ravine, possibly resulting in a more tragic end.

The goatherd, who advised them to stay put, led the stranded hikers to a cave, where he knew they’d be safe, sharing some of his food and water.

And the following day, the emergency services were able to rescue the walkers from Masca Beach. Hours later, however, the goatherd spotted more hikers in the ravine.

The following week, the authorities announced the closure of Masca Barranco, prohibiting members of the public from entering it until measures were put in place to make it safer.



The shoeshank redemption

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:25

A PRISON inmate has escaped from the City of Justice in Valencia by using nothing more than his shoelace.

Pablo Antonio, 48, was already serving a four-month jail sentence, for breaking a judicial measure relating to a prior case of sexual violence, when he appeared in a separate trial on charges of crimes against public health for drug-trafficking.

After returning to a holding cell at the Valencian City of Justice court, he made his shoelace into a bow and pushed it through the bars to undo the latch on the outside of the door.

A manhunt is now underway after CCTV captured him walking out of the court’s front doors unnoticed.


Potent paedo murdered by his sickened inmates

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:25

RICHARD Huckle, cited as one of the world’s most prolific paedophiles, was handed 22 life sentences in 2016 for raping up to 200 babies and children in Malaysia. 

But Huckle, nicknamed the “gap-year paedophile”, was found stabbed to death in his cell at Yorkshire’s Full Sutton Prison on Sunday.
He had pleaded guilty to an unprecedented number of offences, from 2006 to 2014, against children aged between six months and 12 years, and was almost certain to die in prison… but not in this manner!

It seems as though horrified cons didn’t take lightly to his crimes, because they put an end to the sicko’s life when they cornered him and stabbed him to death.

A police investigation is in place because the situation is still be regarded as murder.


New Green Deal simply isn’t such good deal for us

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:23

ACCORDING to the New Green Deal, electric cars will soon replace gas-powered, combustion engines, and they are the new “future”.

This “green” technology, supposedly, produces “zero greenhouse gas emissions” and will help save the world from the throes of climate change.

This sales pitch, adopted by American Democrats in their 2020 election cycle, couldn’t be further from the truth, because diesel engines are more environmentally-friendly than electric vehicles.

According to an ecological assessment from the IFO Institute in Germany, electric cars have a worse carbon footprint when considering how they are manufactured, and how much energy is pulled from the grid to keep them charged up.

Tremendous volumes are needed to extract the lithium, cobalt and manganese needed to produce the batteries for electric cars.

This process alone requires 11-15 tons of CO2, just to make one Tesla Model 3 battery. In fact, to keep electric vehicles charged, energy is pulled from the grid mix, requiring more coal, more gas, and, consequentially, more CO2 emissions.

Obviously, though electric cars don’t cause emissions directly from the vehicle, they do require 180 grams of CO2 per kilometre when battery manufacturing and recharge requirements are considered.

According to the German researchers, this causes up to 28% more pollution than a diesel engine. They believe that vehicles powered by hydrogen, or combustion engines using “green” methane, offer more advantages for the environment, allowing for peaks in surplus wind and solar power to be stored, to boost the sustainability of clean energy over the long-term.

To sustain the benefits of clean energy long-term, every country should be aiming to diversify the sources of their energy consumption, or they could be forced to depend on other countries, straining resources globally, while threatening the long-term necessity, value, and growth of clean energy sources.

This fact of life is ignored by proponents of ambitious socialist programmes such as the Green New Deal. Programmes such as these handcuff progress in the market-place, giving more economic control to oligarchs while capping environmental progress.

There are cleaner, more efficient technologies than electric vehicles. Mandates for “green” technology use subsidies, backed by taxpayer dollars, to control the market and pass on gains to greedy investors.

In America, environmental progress can occur through economic opportunity only, and not through economic sabotage.

Market innovation, driven by open dialogue communication, should be prioritised over one-size-fits-all mandates.

Protecting diversity in energy generation should take precedence over unstable environmental dictates and the crony capitalism that ensues. Environmental regulation should hold companies accountable to the law, but should not cause rationing of resources so only the wealthy and well-connected can enjoy them.

While clean-energy advances are excellent ideas for the planet, commercial flights, big engines, and fast cars will always have a place in America!

Who wants to be stuck in traffic, waiting on puny electric cars that rely on batteries that go dead, and where do all the junk batteries go when they are used up?

In addition, how will the power grid hold up in a country dominated by fleets of slow-charging batteries?







Disabled mum baffled by flights’ cancellation

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:22

A DISABLED woman was left stranded in Tenerife with her young daughter, following a last-minute cancellation of their Glasgow-bound flight with the FlyLolo airline.

The company confirmed last Thursday night that several flights between the Canary Islands and the Scotland airport were being cancelled over the weekend.

More than 900 holiday-makers are believed to have been affected by the sudden announcement, including Maria Wilson, from Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, who had travelled to Tenerife with her

10-year-old daughter to celebrate both their birthdays.

The 46-year-old, who has multiple sclerosis and uses a mobility scooter, was all set to travel home to Glasgow Airport with her daughter, early on the Friday morning, after their two-week holiday.

However, the pair were informed by email that their FlyLoLo flight had been cancelled, just hours before they should have been boarding.

“We got an email, and that’s all we had; no explanation about flights back; nothing,” said an angry Ms Wilson, who, was left at Tenerife South Airport with her daughter, fearing they had no way of getting home for days.

Despite contacting the travel firm by phone, and by email, Ms Wilson said she received no explanation, and no help from the UK consulate or the Tenerife airport staff.

Fortunately, the 46-year-old contacted a friend, who secured them the last two seats on a flight to Edinburgh, in the early hours of Saturday.

Maria said: “She managed to vin us seats on a flight to Edinburgh, but it will take us another 10 days to get our money back. They just said, ‘Your flight is cancelled’, and no reason why!

“We would have been stuck here in Tenerife if we hadn’t got those last two Edinburgh seats, but I’ve still had no explanation about what’s happening.”





A missing child alert, but Nerea may be with adult

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:21

AN alert has been launched by the SOS Desaparecidos Association to try to locate a 17-year-old child, who has been missing from her home, in Añaza, Santa Cruz, since last Monday.

Nerea Aranzu Castillo, last seen on 14th October in Santa Cruz, is 4ft 11ins tall, with thick brown hair and brown eyes. She has a nose piercing, as well as a tattoo on the right arm, according to information given by her family.

The alarm was raised when she did not return home on Monday night, and the family have not been able to communicate with her. But there is a suggestion that she might be accompanied by an adult.

If anyone knows of her whereabouts please contact the numbers on the poster.



Célere Adeje: design, quality and sustainability

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 11:59

WITH this promotion, composed of 25 single-family homes, Vía Célere introduces design, quality and sustainability of its homes in the Canary Islands.

Célere Adeje, located in Tenerife, next to Fañabé beach, is Vía Célere’s first promotion in the Canary Islands. This residential complex, characterised by the quality and avant-garde design of the company, is composed of 25 single-family homes with two and three bedrooms, on two storeys, in addition to a ground floor with garage, storage and laundry.

The promotion also has two swimming pools, for adults and children, surrounded by green areas, in addition to a bicycle park. Likewise, the houses have an energy rating of level B, which also means an economic saving, for their inhabitants, of more than €789 per year, compared with a similar house with an energy rating of level F.

The residential complex is located in Costa Adeje, in a consolidated area that has a wide variety of infrastructures and services, ranging from health and education (such as the Costa Adeje International College) to sports facilities.

At the same time, there is also are big commercial and leisure facilities in the area, with the shopping malls Gran Sur and Plaza Duque, or the Aqualand waterpark nearby.

UK political drama inspires sterling volatility 

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 11:58

STAYING on top of the latest currency news can help you time your transfers more effectively, so find out what you should be looking out for, over the next couple of weeks.

Latest currency news

Over the last fortnight, the GBP/EUR exchange rate has been fluctuating between €1.11 €1.12, as Brexit headlines drive demand. The EUR/GBP exchange rate, meanwhile, edged up from £0.89 to £0.88, while GBP/USD drifted from 1.24 to 1.22.

What’s been happening?

While sterling initially reacted positively to Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposal, the Irish-border issue remained contentious. The pound quickly gave up gains, as EU officials showed little enthusiasm for Johnson’s “final offer”.

However, GBP/EUR losses were limited, as the German composite PMI sank further into contraction territory in September, undermining support for the euro.

Investors were disappointed to find that the composite index slid to 48.5 last month, fuelled by a continued deterioration in the health of the manufacturing sector.

This latest underperforming German release raised concerns that the Eurozone’s powerhouse economy remains on track, to enter a technical recession in the third quarter.

Another poor month of factory orders added to this bearishness, with slowing global-trade conditions putting further pressure on the German economy.

What do you need to look out for?

French President Emmanuel Macron has given Boris Johnson until the end of the week to overhaul his plan. It would take positive Brexit headlines to dispel no-deal Brexit concerns, and return the pound to a firmer footing.

However, sterling could also be pressured lower by domestic data, with the UK’s GDP figure for August expected to show a decline in output.

A widening of the UK trade deficit could also see the pound fall further out of favour, this week, given the lack of clarity surrounding the UK’s future trade relationships. The euro is also likely to feel the heat, this week.

We’ve already seen the publication of poor German factory data, and a decline in the Eurozone’s Sentix consumer-confidence index. EUR exchange rates could be pressured lower, if the rest of the week’s data supports the case for further easing from the European Central Bank (ECB). The US dollar, on the other hand, will be reactive to global risk appetite, and Federal Reserve rate cut speculation.

At Currencies Direct, we’re here to talk currency whenever you need us, so get in touch if you want to know more about the latest news, or how it could impact your currency transfers.

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Charity aiming to make a mammoth difference to under-privileged kids

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 11:58

AMIGOS de Gillian Banks Charity raises funds to aid the Centro de Dia Guiadyl, Granadilla, helping Tenerife’s under-privileged children with educational and vocational training and support.

The charity has been providing school uniforms for children returning to school, along with schoolbooks to ensure they have everything needed for study at school.

It is also providing school equipment, such as pens, pencils and rulers, etc., to ensure they are no different from any other schoolchild.

The Gillian Banks Charity is also providing sporting activities to ensure the children  are getting fresh air and exercise, on a regular basis. And, next month, it will be running a music project in each centre, about recycling clothing, and making a fashion show out of recycled clothes which have been adapted to incorporate lights and sound, to make them “funky and upcycled”, rather than thrown away.

This is a busy time of year for the charity, with the start of a new academic year for pupils, as well as being showtime for visiting performers, who raise money each year for the Amigos.

The academic year began with tennis lessons in Costa del Silencio, with a professional coach for the children from El Fraile’s El Valito centre.

The youngsters have embarked on a year-long programme of training with the coach, to embrace co-ordination skills/aim/teamwork and fitness levels, as well as enjoying the outdoors, and participating in a sporting activity every week, while learning new skills.

This week also saw a visit to San Miguel’s Sangha Animal Education Centre, to plant vegetables from seeds to understand the full growing process, and also to transplant seedlings and young plants, to watch and nurture them into edible vegetables, which they can take home to their families.

They will also be working on the land to maintain surroundings, and caring for the animals, including the new lamb, who thinks he’s a dog, and follows you around the farm all day!

The children, who had a marvellous time, will be back in three weeks to see how the seeds have sprouted, as well as preparing the ground for transplanting.

In other areas it supports, the Gillian Banks charity has restarted the quiz night in Los Cristianos at the Shakespeare bar every week, with Maureen Makinson and her husband putting on an entertaining and enjoyable night.

They raise funds for the charity on a regular basis, to support its activities, as well as its food appeals and collections.

Venue for the charity’s Gala Dinner on Saturday, 2nd November, has been announced as the Hotel Fantasia, Bahia Principe on Golf del Sur, its new Disney-themed hotel.

The four-course gala dinner will begin with drinks around the Disney Castle, followed by a fabulous four-course dinner with drinks.

On top of a real feast, you will be treated to a live, Disney-style show, with dancing, live singers and aerial artistes throughout the evening in the Fantasia Theatre, the stage coming out into the audience and among the dining tables.

This will be followed by party band The Magnetics, to finish the evening off on a high. Tickets are €60 and can be purchased from Maggie Beecher on 619 180 156.

The week beginning 28th October will be fantastic across the island, with 50 singers/dancers/musicians and performers arriving to appear at the Infanta Leonor Theatre on that Monday, with musical extravaganza Chicago Experience. Tickets can be purchased from at only €15.

Wednesday 30th October features a Gala Night at the Wine Bar and Terrace in Los Gigantes. Tickets are available from the venue.

Please support the Amigos de Gillian Banks Charity to ensure we can continue the good work with the children, and carry on changing lives on the island.


He needs a home!

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 11:57

Accion del Sol news

HERE he sits, patiently waiting for his day to come for adoption. Many people pass by the older, bigger dogs, and just want the puppies.

But the older dogs have so much love to give, and their faces light up when you stop to make a fuss of them. Three quarters of the dogs at the refuge are larger and unwanted, all with a sad tale to tell.


The island’s refuges are full of abandoned dogs, so please adopt and don’t buy. Please spread the word, amongst your Spanish friends, about the dire situation, here in Tenerife.

We have 200 gorgeous dogs here, all desperately seeking loving homes. We need to find adopters for the dogs in our care. We do not charge for adoptions, but donations are very welcome towards the vast running costs of the refuge.

Every dog is microchipped and fully vaccinated, and is heartworm and flea-free. They each have a passport, and have been  sterilised, so you can be sure your new dog has the best start to its new life. Please adopt a dog, and don’t buy, and please never let your dog breed. If we all help the dogs in the full refuges, we can make a difference!

Assistance required

We are always looking for people to walk the dogs in the refuge during opening hours.

Please do call the refuge on 6643 21219 or 602463242, between 8am-5pm, if you can help in any way. We always need tinned dog-food for our older animals, plus blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, collars and leads. You can call into the Accion refuge on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, from 2-5pm, and Saturdays between 1-4pm.

Find us here

Accion del Sol is situated directly under the Ecological Park (exit 52) on the north-bound TF-1. Head for the giant windmills, and you’ll find us in the buildings on the right-hand side. E-mail the refuge at or, for further details, visit our Facebook page: action tier Accion del Sol










Isn’t he cute?

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 11:56

Cats Welfare news

THIS gorgeous boy is about eight weeks old, and looking for a loving home. He has been deflead and wormed, and will have his first injection soon.


We also have several other kittens available for adoption, and one way of getting to see some of them is to pop along to Koala Sur, next to the Farmers’ Market in Las Chafiras. A fabulous area has been set aside for them to frolic to their hearts’ content, with fantastic play equipment, and even two very comfortable armchairs!

It is a perfect environment for the public to interact with them, to help them decide as to whether they feel adoption to be a good idea. Give them a ring on 922 712 425, to see what little kitties are in residence!

Please send us a private Facebook message, or ring/WhatsApp Sandra (English, Spanish and German) on 6712 82773 after 6pm, or Sharon (English) on 6625 24006, if you would like to enquire about any of the cats and kittens which are available for adoption. We ask for a minimum donation of €20 per kitten, to cover costs.

*All kittens go for a week’s trial, in your home *

Clothes required

We are appealing, please, for good quality ladies’ and men’s clothes. Please have a look around at home, and drop them into the shop on San Blas.

Shop volunteers

We need people who would like to work in our charity shop. Shifts are from 10am-2pm and 2-6pm, and you will never work alone. The air-conditioned shop has a lovely atmosphere, and tea, coffee, and a fridge full of goodies are provided.

They’re all there to be enjoyed, while in the company of our friendly volunteers, and very valued customers! If you are interested, contact us on Facebook, or pop into the shop for more information. Even if you can only spare a few hours a week, that’s fine!

Our shop

We always need cat food, litter, sheets, towels, bedding etc. for the cats and kittens in our care, and also good quality/condition items for sale in the shop on San Blas, Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino). It is open seven days a week, 10am-6pm.

We stock good-quality clothes of all sizes, at sensible, low prices. Pop along and take a look. Our customers come from all over the island, and we see many holidaymakers return, time and again, eager to snap up a bargain.

If you don’t have transport, please ring Mark on 6365 90557, and he will arrange collection from you.