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X TNT Trail Nocturno

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:25

THIS tortuous 15km mountain race, now in its 10th year, must be completed in three hours maximum. It brings together hundreds of runners tomorrow (Saturday) for a 7pm start.

The start and finish is at Plaza de San Marcos de Tegueste, and it is now too late to register. The event is organised by Ayto. de Tegueste, in collaboration with Gesport Canarias, ChronoTrack and Club Deportivo.

What a sweetie!

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:24

Accion del Sol news

THIS gorgeous little girl was found wandering around the streets of Guia de Isora. She is very thin and neglected.

Once the obligatory time has passed for the owner to claim her, and full medical care, all her injections, passport, microchip are complete, she will be looking for a loving, new home.

Please do come and visit us if you are interested in adopting her, or any of our 220 dogs at the refuge. We understand that many people can not have pets in their apartments, but you can still help by coming to the refuge, and exercising some of the dogs.

They love to go out for a walk, and, after all the Christmas festivities, it’s a good way for you to shed a kilogram, or two!

Assistance required

We are always looking for people to walk the dogs in the refuge during opening hours.

Please do call the refuge on 6643 21219 or 602463242, between 8am-5pm, if you can help in any way. We always need tinned dog-food for our older animals, plus blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, collars and leads. You can call into the Accion refuge on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, from 2-5pm, and Saturdays between 1-4pm.

Find us here

Accion del Sol is situated directly under the Ecological Park (exit 52) on the north-bound TF-1. Head for the giant windmills, and you’ll find us in the buildings on the right-hand side. E-mail the refuge at or, for further details, visit our Facebook page: action tier Accion del Sol




Meet Kahl

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:23

K9 animal news

HOW cute is that face? Doesn’t he look like a good boy? That is because that is exactly what he is. For Game of Thrones’ fans, you will know where his name came from.

Kahl’s story didn’t have a happy beginning. One Sunday morning, a few months ago, one of the volunteers was driving up to start her day at K9. As she pulled up, she noticed a bag of food and a red blanket outside, near the bench.

As she was getting out of the car, she noticed a little pair of eyes looking at her from behind the bench. Another abandoned puppy! Fiona spoke calmly to him, and, within a few seconds, he realised she was there to look after him, and he showered her with kisses and affection.

He had been abandoned outside, the night before, not even tied up, and just left to wander around. For some reason, he stayed near his blanket. He was named Kahl, and he became loved, instantly, by everyone at K9.

He was still a puppy, but was so loving and trusting to everyone who met him. He still is. He has grown now, as puppies do, and is so willing to learn new things.

He has been going to a dog-training class every week, and does so well, showing how clever he can be, and how well he can get on with other dogs. He loves to play and run around, and, for a dog of his age and size, this is what he needs.

Everyone who comes to K9 and meets Kahl has an instant smile on his or her face. He is such a sweet boy. and everyone falls in love with him.

He did share with an older male dog, Mufasa, who has now been adopted. He was very sweet, obedient boy, and they were matched well. He now shares with two other male dogs, who are currently reserved and going to their forever homes soon, which means he will be left on his own again.

Can you offer him a forever home? If you go on to our Facebook page, you will see further pictures and videos of Kahl.

He didn’t deserve to be left outside our gate, not knowing what he had done wrong. He can be easily trained with patience, and the right person who wants to help him learn. He shows so much love to everyone, so can you show him the love he deserves?

Come and meet him at K9, any day between 9.30am-1.30pm. We are on Calle Chimbesque, between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas. We really recommend that you meet him! Get in touch by telephoning us on 667 638 468.

Online shop

Just another reminder to all our UK supporters to share our online shop with your friends and family, and help support K9. The shop link is on our website:

You can also see all our dogs, puppies, kittens and cats who are all looking for their forever homes. Thank you all for your continued support.

Canvas creativity!

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:23

KittyCatz news

HAVE you ever wondered what old, terrace, canvas blinds can be used for, when they’re replaced? Possibly not, but our volunteers have had some great ideas to help the kittens in our care, using it.

One of our valued sponsors, Andrew Hartley of Lightning Signs and Blinds, provides us with many metres of used canvas. It’s extremely hard wearing, and our volunteers make shopping bags which are strong enough to carry heavy tins, without the handles breaking, and sell them to raise funds.

A great purchase, as long as you like stripes! They are extremely popular, but most of the material is used by our carers for our intake of foster babies.

KittyCatz volunteers make little beds for sick kittens. We are ever-mindful of spreading disease from kitten to kitten, so these durable beds can be boiled and bleached, several times, ready for the next visitor.

The beds are specially made to keep our patients safe; we don’t want them rolling out, during rehabilitation. They have been through enough in their tiny lives, without damaging their fragile limbs.

Recently, we had three kittens who had ringworm, which is highly contagious, so we had to throw away their green-striped beds, after each treatment. We used six of our canvas beds that month, so thank you, Andrew, for the continued supply of canvas.

Did you know that ringworm isn’t actually a worm? It’s a fungal infection which looks like scales, mostly in the shape of a ring, hence the name. If there are several kittens sharing the same space, they will surely catch it. It takes six weeks to cure, and the treatment is expensive.

It can infect humans, too, so we have to be extra vigilant with our cleaning routines, washing everywhere and everything the kitten has touched. So, no kissing their cute faces!

It’s best to wear gloves to contain the spread, especially if you have your own cats, like most of our volunteers do. As an extra precaution, where there’s an outbreak, we shower in a special treatment gel.

It’s a really pretty colour pink, but don’t let that fool you. It stinks!  After six weeks of treatment, the foster kittens are no longer cute balls of fluff, which most people want when they adopt, so they very often lose their opportunity of being adopted in Tenerife.

Thankfully, we do sometimes find loving homes with our partners in Germany. More about that, in a future edition. Follow our work on Facebook, or our website

On-strike airport workers fined after 2010 walk-out

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:22

MORE than nine years after their 2010 strike, which led to eight major Spanish airports closing and, more than 300,000 passengers stranded, the workers responsible were called to account in front of Madrid judges.

The two-day strike began on 3rd December that year, when Spanish air-traffic controllers walked out on their positions, in a dispute over working hours.

It left airports in chaos in the run-up to Christmas, causing the Spanish military to step in and take control of the skies.

The strike was a culmination of more than a year of arguments between the controllers and the Spanish Government, and airports’ authority AENA, over the controllers exceeding the maximum working hours regularly, because of the “December Rule”, implemented by Jose Blanco, then the Minister of Public Works.

The walk-out caused a state of national alarm for 43 days afterwards, leaving countless passengers and airlines stranded, and a total of 1,352 flights cancelled.

Following the first trial of workers which took place in Palma, the Madrid hearings are the largest of its kind, with 133 workers, overall, sitting before the judges.

They are charged with “the crime of abandoning public service”’ and causing the financial damages of the passengers involved.

In a private agreement with the prosecutor’s office, 126 of the 133 workers have admitted responsibility for their charges. They have accepted responsibility for the financial losses of the passengers, in the form of €1,000 compensation for each of the 15,190 who filed an official complaint, plus €150 for expenses incurred.

The total compensation is expected to reach more than €17m!


Lengthy Tenerife stop for windy Newcastle tourists

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:21

EASYJET passengers holidaying in Tenerife from the North East, should have boarded their flight home last Saturday evening, and arrived at Newcastle International Airport at 1.05am on Sunday.

But delays, caused by Newcastle’s persistent wind throughout last Saturday, led to the flight crew reached their legal, maximum working hours. Instead, staff arranged hotel rooms for passengers overnight.

A rearranged flight was scheduled to take off from Tenerife at 3pm on Sunday, arriving in Newcastle at 7.45pm, which was almost 19 hours later than planned.

A spokesperson for EasyJet said: “We’re sorry for the delay to their flight. The plane was delayed on an earlier flight because of poor weather in Newcastle.

“There are strict, industry-wide rules governing the number of hours crew are allowed to work. And, to protect the safety of our customers and crew, these cannot be exceeded.

“The disruption is beyond our control and is considered an extraordinary circumstance.”

Two flights from Spain were diverted from Newcastle International Airport on Saturday, because of the extreme weather conditions. And an EasyJet plane from Malaga, which should have landed at 1.45pm, had to divert to Edinburgh.”


Four people died after a huge explosion at plant

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:20

AT least three workers, and a local resident have died, and others have suffered serious body burns and other injuries, following a mighty chemical explosion at a Tarragona’s La Canonja petrochemical plant, on Tuesday evening.

One man, admitted to hospital with serious burns, died in the early hours of yesterday morning ((Thursday).

The shocking explosion has been reported as the most serious chemical accident to occur in Spain over the last decade, and people living in the surrounding areas, are now demanding better safety measures,

Fingers were pointed at the chemical plant bosses by hundreds of people, gathered in Tarragona’s plaza de la Font on Wednesday afternoon, because of their lack of responsibility, demanding that they take the blame for what happened.

A day after the explosion, which is believed to have begun at one of the reactor’s tanks, which contained Ethylene Oxide, firefighters found, buried under debris, the body of a missing operator, who had been working in the area at the time.

A third man who died was a resident from the nearby Torreforta village. He was killed in dreadful circumstances when a piece of roof from the chemical plant broke off because of the explosion.

The huge sheet of iron, weighing around one ton, blasted out from the plant and flew some three kilometres through the air.

It smashed through a window in the man’s home and caused considerable damage, which resulted in the man collapsing, and dying.

The fourth fatality was another of the company’s workers, all admitted in critical condition to the burns’ unit of Barcelona’s Vall d’Hebron hospital. He had suffered 80% burns to his body and, tragically, died on Wednesday afternoon.

Another five men were taken into hospital with burns, and three were discharged yesterday, (Wednesday).

Two other victims have been admitted into different hospitals and are both in an extremely serious condition.

Although the circumstances of the accident, and its subsequent management, are still under investigation, sources from the Civil Protection have said that there is no record that the company alerted the CECAT emergency centre, or telephone 112 to report the accident.

Emergency protocols state that companies suffering an accident must activate their internal, self-protection plan. But there are indications that this was also not the case.

Another employee was unaccounted for, after the La Canonja plant inferno, while two others were said to be “significantly” injured. A further two walked away with lighter injuries.

Dozens of firefighters were tackling the blaze after the initial eruption, at around 6.35pm, sent a huge fireball into the sky.

Black smoke could be seen billowing for miles around, and residents were warned to lock their windows and doors as a precaution.

However, Government sources confirmed that there had been no toxicity detected in the air. Tragically, though, one person died after a building in a nearby neighbourhood collapsed, through the force of the explosion.

Other buildings on the industrial complex are being inspected over fears that their structures could also be damaged.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is understood to be monitoring the situation closely, while regional president Quim Torra has headed closer to the area.


Hotel’s hard-up staff forced to go on strike  

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:19

EMPLOYEES at the Miramar Hotel in Puerto de la Cruz have been on strike since last Wednesday (8th January), protesting at the repeated non-payment of salaries.

And on other occasions, they say, there have been delays in paying salaries by the Hotel Elegance Miramar company.

The workforce have not received their salaries for November and December 2019. And, stress workers, the company’s management has shown an “insensitive and petty attitude” towards the staff’s situation, depriving them of wages at a time when money was particularly necessary for Christmas and Three Kings Day.

The Public Employees Union, Intersindical Canaria (IC), points out that the workforce have been receiving their pay late for a long time, which has forced them to strike.

And, it suggests, they will maintain this action until the company fulfils its obligations.


Guardia officers pounce on empty-home robbers

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:18

TWO men, responsible for a dozen robberies at empty holiday homes near Cartagena, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil, after being trailed since 2018.

Officers have been keeping an eye on the pair, aged 23 and 45, since a number of similar robberies began in Los Nietos.

The suspects ensured that all properties were out of sight from the general public, picking homes they knew to be empty, and breaking in via upstairs terraces or balconies.

Police officers focused on the local area because the crimes were all committed in close proximity of each other.


Arona’s extra support for its cancer patients, with free family cover

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 11:18

ARONA Council is offering cancer patients free transport to the metropolitan area, as well as physiotherapeutic and aesthetic support.

Social Services Councillor Elena Cabello signed agreements with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and with the Association of Women with Breast Cancer of Tenerife (Ámate).

There will now be free transport for patients and family members to hospitals in the metropolitan area, such as water rehabilitation programmes and comprehensive,

psychological, aesthetic and physio-therapeutic support.

Arona Council has renewed the three specific programmes it maintains, currently, for cancer patients and their families, which it carries out in collaboration with both Ámate and the AECC.

It adds to the close co-operation with other organisations, such as the Career for Life Foundation, with which it contributes to fund-raising for research and other projects, which improve the quality of life for cancer sufferers.

Kilometre solidarity is the programme that allows Arona to offer cancer patients free transportation, from the Los Cristianos headquarters of the AECC, to hospitals in the metropolitan area, where they receive treatment.

It is a fundamental issue for themselves and their families, in the southern region’s public and comprehensive medical service for them.

The agreement also contemplates the maintenance of apartments and shelters for those forced to move, in addition to providing family members with a break in the accompaniment tasks.

“Mucho por vivir” is a swimming programme in the Los Cristianos municipal swimming pool, which is for cancer patients who have undergone the removal of a lymph node, and have received radio-therapy.

The the aim is to improve their quality of life, and improve the affected limb’s mobility.

Arona Mayor José Julián Mena stressed the importance of “supporting 365 days a year for cancer patients, with physiotherapeutic, psychological or aesthetic services,

in addition to facilitating transport to hospitals in the metropolitan area.”

He added: “We always claim the need for these treatments to be offered, once and for all, in the southern region, as we have been demanding for many years.”

Social Services Councillor Elena Cabello said: “Arona tries to provide comprehensive and real support to cancer patients, providing different services to them and their families, to improve their quality of life, and, also, in the case of transport, treatments. Having to travel regularly to hospitals when suffering from cancer, with the mobility difficulties we have on motorways, can become a very important problem.”

Barcelona slip to third after nail-biting defeat

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:53

THIS week marked the start of Euroleague’s second round, in Europe’s top-tier competition.

The final game of the first round featured an all-Spanish clash as Baskonia and Barcelona went head to head, the Basques just managing to hold on and defeat the Catalans 76-74 in what was a real nail-biter.

It was a much-needed win for Baskonia, who now have a record of seven wins and 10 defeats, which leaves them 12th in the league, and four places outside the play-offs.

This defeat meant that Barcelona, slipped to third place in the standings, allowing arch-rivals Real Madrid to move just ahead of them into second spot.

Madrid beat French champions ASVEL Villeurbanne, 87-77 and moved to a 14-3 record, which was one win ahead of Barcelona.

The fourth and final Spanish team in the Euroleague this season is Valencia, who beat Germany’s Alba Berlin 91-77.

The win took Valencia to 10th place, having won eight and lost nine games, which leaves them lying just outside the play-offs, because of head-to-head results.

While the two El Clasico rivals seem to be cruising through to the play-offs, the other two Spanish teams have their work cut out.

They need to come up with some big wins in the second round to ensure that all four Spanish teams make the play-offs, for the first time since the 2010-11 season.


Festive catch-up time

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:53

THE league resumes this evening (Friday), but, meanwhile, a couple of catch-up games were played over the Christmas break.

Emerald Lounge were hosts to Marilyns in Division 2, and a good, close match ensued. The visitors needed the trebles game for a draw, but their opponents denied them, securing a 5-3 win.

In Division 1, Emerald B travelled to Pas’O’Nadas A, and the match wasn’t quite as close. In fact, it was nowhere near as close!

Ken knocked in a 180 for the visitors, but that simply delayed the inevitable, and, a little like David v Goliath, but with David’s hands tied behind his back, it was an 8-0 slaughter to Pas’O’Nadas.

Yet both teams enjoyed a good night for all involved, and that’s the main thing.

Funny how it’s always the losers who say that!


Nandu stage coaching sessions for Canaries

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:52


PLAYERS from several rugby clubs across the Canary Islands came together last weekend to take part in a specialist coaching session at Adeje’s Nandu club.

The under-18s from clubs including The Boatmen, Gran Canaria’s Las Palmas and Nandu, spent six hours focusing on their skills, techniques and understanding of the game, before playing a

full-sided, full-contact match.

These sessions were led by some of Nandu’s coaches, including an International Rugby Board (World Rugby) Level 3 coach, a qualified referee and a former professional player with Sale Sharks.

The aim was not only to build the players’ confidence and skill-set but also to develop the teamsmanship of young people from different clubs and various islands, who often go hammer and tongs against each other in league matches!

The event was a huge success, with an excellent attitude shown and a work-rate to match, in all five different sessions delivered.

These clinics will continue monthly, with February’s gathering also aiming to select a representative “Canarian Baa-Baas” squad to play the Isle of Man U18 team, who will visit Tenerife the following month.

With discussions taking place about up-coming tournaments on the mainland, future touring teams coming to challenge, and even a potential UK tour, this really is an exciting time to be playing rugby in the Canary Islands.




Tenerife’s New Year win is much needed

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:52

CD Tenerife 4 Albacete 2

THE Blanquiazul took a huge step forward last Saturday, thoroughly deserving this win against Albacete.

Goals from Jorge, Suso, Dani Gómez and Álex Muñoz achieved their first victory under new coach Rubén Baraja, moving them away from the relegation places.

Baraja raised a few eyebrows by sticking with Jorge Padilla and Elliot, two youth players who have broken into the first team.

But despite having numerous casualties in his squad, especially in attack, his boldness deserved recognition… and his reward was not long in coming!

After a good start, a serious-looking Tenerife took advantage in the 10th minute, thanks to the persistence of Dani Gómez and Jorge. The move began with a long shot from Elliot, which was saved by Albacete goalkeeper Tomeu.

But Dani Gómez collected the rebound and passed the ball inside to Jorge, who tapped it into an open net from a few yards out, scoring his first goal in the blue-and-white first-team shirt.

But it didn’t stop there. Tenerife had seven shots, three on target, and five corners, all in the first 15 minutes.

After this onslaught, the team calmed down, but they continued to play some solid, confident football.

Jorge had a chance to double their lead, but was thwarted

by a good save from Tomeu, who deflected the ball for a corner. But they did score again, just before half-time.

Dani Gomez played a perfectly-weighted ball into space through the middle, and Suso timed his run perfectly to stay onside.

And, with just the keeper to beat, his shot from 18 yards went straight past Tomeu and into the net, in the 45th minute.

The captain’s strike was just what Tenerife needed as they headed for the changing rooms at half-time with a spring in their step, and an excellent lead.

The second half couldn’t have started better for Tenerife, who were dominating a flustered Albacete, who didn’t know what had hit them.

Suso picked up a loose ball on the right, raced down the wing and saw Dani Gomez heading to the far post. Scorer became provider, and he played the perfect cross between goalkeeper and defenders right into Dani’s path, who volleyed it, left-footed, into the bottom corner to make it 3-0 after 53 minutes.

At this point, the CDT faithful were ecstatic, but Albacete responded immediately with a shot by Dani Ojeda, which hit the post defended by keeper Dani Hernández, who was in for Ortolá.

But this was a warning because the Manchego team cut the lead in the 68th minute after a corner found Rey Manaj, alone and unmarked in front of goal.

He headed the ball home to make it 3-1, but the Tenerife defence really should have done better.

In fact, alarm bells were ringing just three minutes later at the Heliodoro when Albacete scored their second goal, and again the defence was below par.

Dani Ojeda was picked out in front of goal and he tapped in from three yards to make it 3-2, silencing the crowd as the visitors finally got into the game, threatening to draw a match in which Tenerife had controlled throughout.

But Baraja reacted immediately, making consecutive changes. First, he took off Jorge Padilla and put on Undabarrena, and changed the formation to 4-1-4-1, abandoning the classic

4-4-2 line-up he had been using.

Then Moore entered the game, replacing idolised captain Suso on the far right.

The changes rebalanced the play but promised a tense 20 minutes until the end, although Álex Muñoz had different ideas!

As Tenerife broke through the centre, he picked up the ball and shot from 25 yards out, straight past a sprawling Tomeu, who could do nothing about it, giving Tenerife a 4-2 advantage after 82 minutes.

The home side even had one more shot before the end, and kept Albacete at bay for a much-deserved win and a valuable three points, lifting them to 18th in the league on goal-difference. There are three teams on 22 points and two above on 23, so it’s still very tight at the bottom.

But Tenerife’s first win under Baraja after the Christmas break, will fill them with confidence as they head to Rayo Majadahonda tomorrow (Saturday) for their second-round Copa Del Rey clash.

Their next league match is against Huesca on Wednesday, so let’s hope this performance is a sign of things to come, as they rebuild for 2020.







Here’s why the car often breaks down

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:51

Full length of unhappy young businessman using cell phone by broken down car at countryside

THE most common reason for a car breakdown, or its failure to start, is probably because of the battery. In the UK, we normally associate this with cold, damp weather. But, here, in Tenerife, the reverse is true.

Extreme heat and the dry air mean that a battery can “give up” without any notice, and this is very common. Many people will happily travel to a shopping centre, as well as visiting or sightseeing.

But on returning to their vehicle, 15 minutes, an hour, or several hours later, the car will not start. Panic sets in, and drivers cannot understand this, because there has  been no indication of the battery’s deterioration.

If you have a grua cover with your insurance, which the majority of policies do these days, you can call a grua, whose driver will come out and will, often, start the vehicle with the assistance of jump leads, or a battery booster.

This should enough to get you to the nearest garage of choice, to purchase and have a new one fitted, or to the nearest petrol station, which often sells batteries, although they will be more expensive in these circumstances … needs must, as they say!

You should then, immediately, go to the nearest garage, or to a specific mechanic, and ask to have the battery tested.

This involves a simple test, which they can perform to see what voltage the battery is showing. If the reading is not correct, then another new battery is normally necessary, with the appropriate voltage, and should be fitted .

But, generally, the staff will help you select the correct one, although it is always best to go to the garage or mechanic you know and trust.

It is also a good idea to carry a set of jump leads, which can be purchased from large, car-accessories stores. And if you are carrying a set of jump leads, you can often find a helpful motorist, who will assist you with a jump start.

Of course, a battery is by no means the only reason a car does not start, but it is, by far, the most common. Many of the more modern cars have battery light-indicators, which warn you when the battery is low.



Soup yourself up with garlic

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:50

GARLIC has a long and proud tradition as a medicine. The Ancient Egyptians recommended it for 22 ailments. In a papyrus dated 1500 BC, the labourers who built the pyramids ate it to increase their stamina, and keep them healthy.

The Ancient Greeks advocated garlic for everything from curing infections, and lung and blood disorders, to healing insect bites, and even treating leprosy.

The Romans fed it to soldiers and sailors to improve their endurance. Dioscorides, the personal physician to Emperor Nero, wrote a five-volume treatise extolling its virtues.

Garlic soup, based on more than 50 cloves of garlic, onions, thyme and lemon, will destroy almost any virus that enters its path, including colds and flu.
Garlic is hailed for its powers to halt viruses in their tracks. It has gained its reputation as a virus buster, thanks to one of its chemical constituents, allicin.

Garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting disease-causing bacteria, commonly responsible for food-borne illness.

When the garlic is crushed, alliin becomes allicin. Research shows that allicin helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and also helps prevents blood clots.

Garlic can also reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). It is also effective against digestive ailments and diarrhoea, and may help prevent the onset of cancers.

Increasing your garlic intake can cut the duration of cold symptoms, from five-and-a-half days, to four-and-a-half.

Garlic soup recipe

Serves 4

26 garlic cloves (unpeeled)
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons (¼ stick) organic butter (grass fed)
½ teaspoon cayenne powder
½ cup fresh ginger
2¼ cups sliced onions
1½ teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
26 garlic cloves, peeled
½ cup coconut milk
3½ cups organic vegetable broth
4 lemon wedges


Preheat oven to 350F. Place 26 garlic cloves in small glass baking dish. Add two tablespoons of olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and toss to coat. Cover baking dish tightly with foil, and bake until garlic is golden brown and tender, about 45 minutes. Cool. Squeeze garlic between fingertips, to release cloves. Transfer cloves to small bowl.

Melt butter in heavy large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add onions, thyme, ginger and cayenne powder, and cook until onions are translucent, about six minutes. Add roasted garlic and 26 raw garlic cloves, and cook for three minutes.

Add vegetable broth. Cover and simmer until garlic is very tender, about 20 minutes. Working in batches, puree soup in blender until smooth. Return soup to saucepan. Add coconut milk, and bring to simmer. Season with sea salt and pepper for flavour.

Squeeze juice of a lemon wedge into each bowl and serve.

Can be prepared one day ahead. Cover and refrigerate. Rewarm over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

After an hour-and-a-quarter’s industrious soup-making, sprinkle lemon juice over a bowl of steaming, grey gloop and tuck in.

The heady aroma certainly revs up the appetite, and the first spoonful does not disappoint. Delicious as it is, however, one large bowl of home-made soup is a more than ample meal.


Van’s having a ball in Tenerife!

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:50

IT is with great pleasure that we, at Keddy’s Entertainment, introduce our Mr. Van Elliot.

Van has enjoyed an extremely successful and varied career. Not only has he been a great and established entertainer and host, back in the UK, he has now been christened by us, at Keddy’s Entertainment, as the resident Tenerife entertainment oracle!

He has worked on this beautiful island of Tenerife since the very early, tourist start-up days. He has worked on luxury cruise ships from the 70s, including the QE2, and Cunard lines Nordic Prince and Ocean Islander, to name but a few!

His career achievements range from resident entertainer, night-club singer, and visiting celebrity artiste, to Cruise Director. Van absolutely adores performing. His energy and passion are boundless.

He was head-hunted, in 2018, by “The Festival of Legends”, based in Malaga, and asked to host and sing on their dual-nationality cruises, for both Spanish and ex-pats, sailing from Spain. True to say, he probably didn’t need much persuasion, because entertaining and entertainment are part of  his DNA!

His account and description of the entertainment scene, 42 years ago, is fascinating, and we think you will agree. Van arrived in Tenerife in September 1978, at Los Rodeos airport. Neither the southern airport or motorway had yet opened. We complain about the TF1 now, but it took over four hours to reach his destination: Ten Bel, Costa del Silencio.

Van explains that seeing Ten Bel now, “you just can´t imagine what a superb resort it was at that time”. He describes how beautiful, grass-lined avenues linked the architecturally-individual aparthotels, each housing different nationalities. They each boasted their own individual swimming pool, restaurant, show and pool bar, and extra facilities such as barbeque, steak house, Italian restaurant, private sandy beach, massive sea pool, ten-pin bowling, disco, themed shooting range, tennis, volleyball, and the Ten Bel Train.

Can you imagine this mini cosmopolitan entertainment city? It must have been phenomenal, and so welcomed for our evolving  tourist industry, and it heralded the Tenerife tourist package-holiday  boom!

Van tells us that he was at Drago, the British section, where all the entertainment was presented in English.

Gemini: This was the Belgian section, with the presentation in French and Flemish

Maravilla: This was the German and Spanish entertainment delivery

Frontera and Primavera: The Dutch entertainment delivery.

Van tells us that he was employed and working for Pontinental, the international section of Pontins, the popular holiday company.

“We had professional entertainers”, he explained. “Keyboards, drums, singers, magicians, dancers etc., along with our resident entertainment team, supplemented with a visiting show, flown in from the UK, every two weeks, and a Canarian Folklore Trio, alternating fortnightly with a Flamenco Show.”

The early 80s saw a huge increase in the number of tourists and holidaymakers, visiting the south of Tenerife. Gradually, it began to alter the face of our entertainment industry, expanding and developing into the entertainment industry that we have today.

The “Cavern” was opened in Veronicas, with a fabulous Beatles tribute band, paving the way for the many tribute acts that we all know and love. Keddy’s Entertainment’s focused customer research shows us that they are  still so popular today.

Danny from the Crow’s Nest Disco Bar opened the legendary Bobby’s Disco, named after his lovely wife from New Zealand. Van adds that “not a lot of people know that”.

jAt the time, the only excursion-style dinner show and night out was in Puerto de la Cruz, at La Cueva “The Hawaiin Show”, owned by a young, enterprising guy called Raoul, who now owns San Miguel Castle, and many other successful ventures.

This entertainment recipe was hugely successful, and, not long afterwards, another dinner show was performing. Tenbel produced their dinner show, venue La Ballena, with the Noche Latino.

Maitre D, Jose, still lives here and owns the supermarket “Joseito” in Las Galletas. The producer was Denis Peersman, who brought in a brilliant choreographer, Aida de Quick from Belgium, and, along with the her Vegas-style dancers, developed a great show. This was a wonderful, heady combination of singing, Flamenco, magic and illusion.

This formula has always attracted guests. However, like everything in life, it has to evolve and adapt to be fresh, and to meet present-day, tourist, international expectations.

Tenerife dinner shows are developing into fresh new concepts, and exciting, red-carpet events. Spectacular cabaret delights titillate the taste buds and senses. Set in luxurious venues, they are becoming  first-class, international dinner shows. A 5*-plus holiday experience, and unique holiday memory, within a holiday. A night out to be truly remembered, and enjoyed and experienced by everyone. Wherever you happen to be holidaying, in whatever type of accommodation, at affordable prices, Van says it is great to see the changes, over the years.

Van has entertainment in his genes. We at Keddy’s Entertainment are pleased to be amalgamated with him. Adam Keddy, our director, has a wealth of experience in branding and marketing, within the entertainment scene, both here and in the UK. He has directed, produced and marketed several shows and events.

Keddy’s Entertainment is continually developing new initiatives and marketing strategies, to improve and  enhance the customer experience, creating fresh entertainment offerings that will attract even more tourists from all over the world.

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The Jorge Blass show is pure magic, all the way

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:49

MAGICIAN Jorge Blass is well known for creating illusions for David Copperfield, and for being one of the few magicians who left the Penn & Teller experts speechless.

And if you love magic, this illusionist has the lot, as you’ll find out if you see his 90-minute, mind-boggling performance at the Adán Martín Tenerife Auditorium, in Santa Cruz, on May 30th and 31st.

The Jorge Blass show Invention, for all the family, displays tricks never seen before. It has been two years in the making, and creative companies from Korea, the US Spain, France, Germany, Venezuela, Argentina and Israel have all collaborated.

A 3D printer that clones people, drones that fly through the air, the formula of invisibility finally materialised, as well as other technologies of the 21st century, will serve Jorge to leave you speechless.

The show is aimed at those who want to experience a new world, or spend the best hour-and-a-half of their lives.

The Jorge Blass show is pure magic… without pigeons, cards or rabbits! It has been devised to excite and believe on a trip to the future. That is the basis of magic, especially the brand delivered by Jorge Blass.

Bomberos recover man’s body

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:48

SAN Miguel firefighters retrieved the body of an elderly man on Monday, who had died in his Granadilla home.

The Bomberos were alerted by his neighbours, who told them they had not seen him in the area for several days.

Access had to be made through the balcony to the second floor, where the firefighters found the man’s body.

The Local Police collaborated in the rescue.


Spanish economy to be boosted by bargain-hunters

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:47

THE Spanish Government has predicted a boost for the country’s economy at the start of the new decade, when January sales are expected to make a positive impact on trade.

As the Three Kings’ Day brought an end to the country’s festive celebrations on Monday, many people have been hunting bargain buys.

Spain is home to a plethora of home-grown brands and department stores, high up on the list of favourites for Spaniards, tourists and the thousands of European expats.

Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, with eight distinct brands, have already begun their sales, and a study conducted by Fintonic Technology predicts that the

multi-million-euro group will pull in its highest profits this week.

Spain’s largest department store, El Corte Ingles, is also set for a good start to the month, because its online store has already begun its January sales, offering whopping 50% discounts.

Tendam, one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers, established in 1880 as a family-run haberdashery store in Madrid, also made a quick start to its January sales, which began online at the start of the year.

The group, which owns big brands, including Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, Women’secret and Fifty Factory, is hoping to exceed its annual revenue this year, which saw tax profits surpassing €80.8m in 2018.

For the small-to-medium sized businesses, which, in the last few years have impacted negatively because of the rise in online sales and new consumer patterns, owners have expressed mixed expectations over these winter sales.

For some, it can prove to be an important period for trade, in which shoppers are enticed into their stores in the hope of wrangling a good deal.

However, for many others, the pressure to compete with

big-name brands forces owners to cut down on their costs of goods.

But for those whose accounts are already dwindling, the January sales can threaten their survival.