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Thanks for your help!

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:41

Accion del Sol news

IT’S great to see our younger generation helping the dogs at the refuge. Greta, Roxy and Sara are regular volunteers, who, after their previous educational visit to the refuge, love to help out.

The dogs get so much pleasure from their walks, and love all that our volunteers give them. A lot of the dogs, especially the older and larger ones, have spent many years in the refuge, so it definitely brightens up their day.

If you have any spare time, please do come and walk the dogs, or even just give them a brush and a cuddle. As you walk around the refuge, it is so sad to see them. They are well looked after and fed, but desperate for a little bit of affection.

Assistance required

We are always looking for people to walk the dogs in the refuge during opening hours.

Please do call the refuge on 6643 21219, between 8am-5pm, if you can help in any way. We always need tinned dog-food for our older animals, plus blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, collars and leads. You can call into the Accion refuge on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, from 2-5pm, and Saturdays between 1-4pm.

Find us here

Accion del Sol is situated directly under the Ecological Park (exit 52) on the north-bound TF-1, which is just after the El Medano junction. Head for the giant windmills, and you’ll find us in the buildings on the right-hand side. E-mail the refuge at or, for further details, visit our Facebook page: action tier Accion del Sol





Our World Day of Prayer

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:41

WOMEN, men and children of all ages are invited to attend this year’s World Day of Prayer (WDP), at St Blas Roman Catholic Church next Friday (6th March), at 3pm.

A WDP spokesperson said: “The women of Zimbabwe have prepared this year’s service, named ‘Rise! Take your mat and walk’, and we are encouraged to reflect on the difficulties and unrest, which have plagued their country over the years.

“They share with us the challenges they have faced, along with their hopes for the future.

“They encourage us all, wherever we are, to ‘Rise, take up your mat and walk’ with them as they continue their often-turbulent journey to full reconciliation.”

The Day of Prayer is celebrated, annually, in more than 170 countries. It begins in Samoa and prayers, in native languages, travel all over the world, through Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, before finishing in American Samoa some 38 hours later.

The spokesperson added: “Last year’s service was a colourful affair, so do join us for another joyful, yet poignant, service, with traditional and African hymns.”

There will be refreshments afterwards, to which everyone is cordially invited.








Terk needs a home!

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:40

K9 animal news

ABOUT  six months ago, this beautiful young girl was brought to us at K9. We gave her the name Terk. When she arrived, she was about seven months old, which was still very young.

Terk didn’t have a great start in her short life, and was left at the police station in Granadilla. A gentleman named David saw her and brought her to K9. We did learn that she had been abused, so we knew that she would need a lot of love and attention.

We didn’t know a huge amount of what exactly happened, just that some damage had already been done to her. Terk is a very energetic, playful dog, and sometimes this can be a bit much for other dogs and people.

It isn’t her fault that she can be a bit overwhelming, so we are looking for a calm and patient new owner, for her to show her love, train with her on a one-to-one basis, and help her to learn and focus on you.

She does enjoy playing with other dogs, who also want to play, but, sometimes, she can be a little rough for them. One of our volunteers likes to take her to the local dog park, where she can run around and play with other dogs.

She is currently sharing with two, large, male dogs, and we have noticed that she can be territorial over her food, something she may have developed as a really-young puppy, and was never trained not to be.

Her new owner must be willing to train her and spend time with her. If you enjoy long walks, or even running, she would love to tag along with you, and it would also help her burn up some of the energy she has. She is still very young, so does need to be shown things, step by step.

Being in the kennels is a very stressful place for Terk, and she can get easily frustrated, which can lead to unwanted behaviour. We put her in the large kennel across the road from the main kennels, to give her space to run.

This does help, so, ideally, someone who has the space for her to be able to run a lot, would be perfect. As we said, she likes to play with other dogs, so another dog in the house could work, and they could become the best of friends, thus helping Terk to learn more and more about dog behaviour.

She really does need a second chance because she was neglected and abandoned, through no fault of her own, and has missed out of the important first few months of positive socialisation, as a puppy. It will take some time and training, but she is a very sweet girl, who is really misunderstood.

Can you help her? Can you show this beautiful girl that she can be loved? Please come and meet her at K9, any day, between 9.30am-1.30pm, on Calle Chimbesque between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas. Call us on 667 638 468, or email


Meet Molly and Misty

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:40

Live Paws news

MOLLY is the one with dark brown ears, and both girls are about seven weeks old. They were found abandoned in a barranco in Cabo Blanco.

They are sweet little things who love to play, and are starting to overcome their shyness. Would you like to meet them for a play-date, and get to know them? Please contact Marc on the number below.

Dog-walking club

Join our dog-walking club on Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm. Our dogs absolutely love it, and you can keep fit and find a furry friend at the same time.  Please come and meet the dogs. They have a fabulous time with the walkers, and look forward to going out for a wander. Please feel free to pop along, even for a chat. If you have any questions, send a WhatsApp to Mark on 6522 97853, for further details.

Live Paws shops

Come and bag a bargain at our shops. Donations are always very much appreciated.

San Eugenio – opposite Hotel La Nina, at Las Carabelas, near Amanda’s Bar. Open weekdays 10am-4pm, Saturday 10am-2pm and now Sundays 11am-3pm.

Los Cristianos – Calle Revron, near Thistle and Dragon Bar and play-park. Open Monday-Friday (10am-4pm), Saturday 10am-2pm. The shop is now open on Sundays from 11am-3pm.

Join us on Facebook – Live Arico P.A.W.S Tenerife



14 migrants perish as sea, including two youngsters

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:39

AT least 14 people died on Monday, including two small children, after their small patera was shipwrecked while on route to the Canary Islands.

The tragedy happened close to Western Sahara, and the Info migrants website posted some information, giving details on the shipwreck,

Sadly, the post said that among the 14 who perished were the two children. The post also stated that a crew member from a fishing boat, who spotted the small vessel afloat in the waters, said the patera had already been at sea for three days, on route to the Canaries.

Unfortunately, because of the strong currents, the boat was set adrift which, along with the lack of food and water, led to several people dying.

The fishing boat alerted the Moroccan Navy, which, in turn, assisted in the emergency rescue. But there were few survivors.

The migrants were mainly from Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire, but this was not the first humanitarian tragedy to have happened in waters close to the archipelago.

Since last August, the route used by sub-Saharans has again become popular, although last December, 63 people lost their lives there.

On Tuesday, a Canarian search-and-rescue team attended to 30 people in trouble. And on this occasion, they rescued just about everyone, including a baby.

The team had spotted the vessel some 55km off the coast of Gran Canaria, All 30 were taken ashore, where the Red Cross were waiting to attend to them.

Since last Monday, the Spanish emergency services have been searching for five patera, which, they were told, had left the Saharan coast last weekend, heading towards the archipelago and carrying around 143 individuals.


Thinking globally, and acting locally

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:38

ADEJE Council hosted a major environmental conference in 2019, and pledged that in the coming months and years, it would act upon promises made to combat climate change.

It is good, then, to see that those promises are beginning to bear fruit, with the substitution throughout the borough of the bulbs in the public-lighting system.

Village by village, LED bulbs are being installed in lamp-posts throughout Adeje as part of the “Plan Estratégico Ante el Cambio Climático”, the strategic plan to combat climate change. The bulbs are 35w, 68w and 56w, with an overall energy saving of 40%.

The Municipal Services Councillor Esther Rivero Vargas said the work would see all public lighting changed, with a short and long-term benefit, financially and environmentally.

“We have mapped out energy consumption in the borough, and we know that public lighting is where consumption is highest,” she said. “The new system will see us using energy, but only where it is needed.

“This is a project to see more efficient and effective public services, and soon, we hope to add a smart system, which will also help towards efficient use of lighting.”

The €125,000 change-over cost is one of more than 50 actions the Council has included in its strategic plan to combat climate change.



Mental health unit installed for Adeje

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:37

LUCKILY, these days most people feel comfortable, or certainly more comfortable than previously. in talking about mental health… their mental health.

To admit a need to visit a mental health professional in the past was seen as admitting to failure, to a problem that wasn’t acceptable in public.

Today, though we recognise that mental health issues are as much in need of acknowledgment as they are in need of expert attention, without judgement.

If you are feeling physically unwell you see your GP, and if you are feeling unable to cope, you see a mental health professional.

It is good news, then, that the regional government visited Adeje this week to open a new Mental Health Unit, which for now is located in the Adeje School for Security, and will cater for health card holders from Adeje, Guía de Isora and Santiago del Teide: 57,650 in total.

According to regional Health Minister Teresa Cruz Oval, who was in the centre earlier this week, the unit has been opened “to improve the wellbeing of the whole of the region”.

She added that the unit would guarantee patients’ privacy and the attention they require, with, according to the Canarian Health Services Mental Health Director Natalia Brito: “Individual consultations, group therapy, relaxation classes and all that is needed to attend to the mental health needs of the area.”

The Minister, who accompanied Adeje Mayor José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and the borough’s Health Councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, said this was only a part of the government’s plans for borough, with the opening of a new health centre in the Costa Adeje zone very soon.

Given the size of the population of Adeje as well as the annual influx of visitors, it is sorely needed.


Horrific massacre from 7,300 years ago is uncovered

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:37

ARCHEOLOGISTS, using diggers, have uncovered the gruesome sight of a 7,300-year-old massacre in the Spanish Pyrenees.

They have excavated the ancient remains of five adults and four children, aged between three and seven, who all appear to have been brutally murdered.

The painstaking find was made in the El Trocs cave, in the midst of the serene beauty of the mountain landscape in the region of Huesca, sitting above a plateau, which would have been perfect hunting and farming land.

The skeletal remains were analysed by an international team of researchers, who have dated them to 5,300 BC, when hunter-gatherers were being supplanted by farmers.

This could be a clue to the cause of the brutal killings, although no one will ever know for sure.

The team, told Nature’s Scientific Reports: “The violent events in Els Trocs are without parallel, either in Spain or in the rest of Europe, at that time.

“The adults display consistent, arrow-shot injuries to the skull, but not to the perpendicular skeleton.

“The children and adults, furthermore, show traces of similar blunt violence to the skull and entire skeleton.”

In other words, the broken and shattered bones reveal that the victims were shot, and then bludgeoned to death.

A study of the massacred victims’ genome (DNA) indicates that two of them, a man of around 30 and a boy of about six, are father and son.

The other three children have different mothers, whose genomes have not been detected in the rest of the bones.

For Jose Ignacio Royo, along with Hector Arcusa the Aragonese specialists participating in the research, the reconstruction of the facts allows for several hypotheses.

“We don’t dare say that it was a ritual killing,” said Royo. “It seems that they were wounded with arrows in the vicinity of the cave, and that they were later taken into it, and subjected to vicious beatings, even after death.”

The violence of these attacks led Manuel Rojo to call them a “second execution… a murderous frenzy.”

He added: “It is as if, in addition to taking their lives, they wanted to eliminate even their memory.”

The report speculates that the massacre could have been caused by territorial disputes, or the theft of cattle or women… disputes that escalated until they led to the victims’ slaughter.

According to genetic data obtained, the victims are part of the first wave of Neolithic immigrants from the Middle East, who spread throughout Europe 10,000 years ago.

The report said: “Els Trocs probably documents an early escalation of inter-group violence, between people of conceivably different origins and world views, between natives and migrants, or between economic or social rivals.

“The conflict conveys the impression of a xenophobic action; the type of aggression suggests a clash between enemy groups.”


Migrant born aboard boat to the Canaries

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:36

A BABY, born on a rickety boat bound for the Canary Islands, was one of 87 sub-Saharan Africa migrants rescued overnight by caring Spanish people last Friday.

The migrants were travelling in three boats, which were picked up just south of Gran Canaria, said a spokeswoman for the Salvamento Maritimo rescue service.

“A new-born baby was rescued, and it seems that the mother gave birth in the boat just beforehand,” she added, without specifying the infant’s sex. But she said that both mother and baby were “doing well”.

There were 54 people, spread across the first two boats, which were picked up last Thursday evening, about 60 nautical miles south of Gran Canaria, and rescuers came across another vessel carrying 33 people, as the boat was just off the island.

Among those rescued were 30 women, six babies and four other children, while the rest were men, and they were all taken to the southern port of Arguinerin.

In early January, another baby born aboard a makeshift boat carrying 43 migrants. But, sadly, it did not survive the journey and was declared dead on arrival at Lanzarote.

In January, the number of migrants reaching the Canaries soared to 708, which was 18 times the volume of a year ago, when it stood at 40, raising fears of a resurgence of migrant traffic to the Atlantic islands, a route taken by tens of thousands of people a decade ago.

Since Morocco began a crackdown on illegal immigration, there has been an increasing number of people trying to reach the Spanish islands by boat, from Mauritania, whose coastline lies 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) to the south.

As well as the Canaries route, other migrants have sought to sail to mainland Spain from Algeria’s northern coast.


Brits in Spain warned to carry ID with them

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:35

BRITS travelling to Spain have been warned to keep their passports on them at all times… or risk being detained!

The warning comes from the UK’s Foreign Office, which reiterates that police in Spain have the right to demand to see IDs.

If you fail to provide a valid document, they can detain you, and, despite popular belief, a driving licence is not sufficient. Only a passport, or a high-quality photocopy, is acceptable.

The fresh warning comes ahead of a Manchester City away clash with Real Madrid on Wednesday (26th Feb). Police can even escort foreign visitors back to their hotels or accommodation, and request to see their ID, or original document.

“The police have the right to hold you at a police station until your identity is confirmed,” the Foreign Office warns on its website. “Always take care of your passport, as obtaining a replacement is costly and time-consuming.

“Remember to keep a photocopy or scanned copy of your passport somewhere safe.”


Missing pop cassette found 27 years later after a lengthy swim

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:06

A CASSETTE tape, lost in Spain by a holiday-maker by a young girl on the Costa Brava or Mallorca, 27 years ago, has been reunited with its owner.

Stella Wedell, then aged 12, lost her home-made tape of pop songs when on a Spanish holiday.

Miraculously, her lost 1990s music mixtape, featuring her favourite pop songs, turned up in a Swedish art gallery, after washing up on a Fuerteventura beach

Artist Mandy Barker, who specialises in photographing marine plastic pollution, found it on a Fuerteventura beach, and the Leeds woman sent the tape to a professional audio restorer.

It still played and she was able to list the tracks, which feature on the CD Best Of 93, including hits by Pet Shop Boys, Shaggy, UB40 and Bob Marley.

Mandy decided to include it in her Sea Of Artefacts touring exhibition. And last summer Stella, from Berlin, went on holiday to Scandinavia and happened to visit the exhibition while she was in Stockholm.

She was astonished to see the rusty cassette on display, alongside a list of tracks to show its age. Mandy was equally amazed to receive an email from Stella to say it was her tape.

Stella said: “When I was reading the track list, it seemed very familiar to me. So I took a picture of it and compared it with the original CD from 1993, which I still have. And it was exactly the same track-list, but starting with track three.

“I remember that I didn’t like the first two songs. I always made tapes from my CDs at this time to listen to them with my Walkman.”

Mandy said: “It was an astounding chance for Stella to walk into my exhibition and recognise her tape.”

She then told Professor Richard Thompson, head of the international marine litter research unit at the University of Plymouth, who said: “It is very difficult to say exactly how long the tape had been in the sea. But the fact that it has survived intact shows the durability of plastic, and the threat it can pose to the marine environment.’

The tape will continue touring as part of the exhibition, before being returned to Stela, and here’s what she’s missed:

  1. Somebody Dance With Me – DJ BoBo
  2. Would I Lie To You? – Charles & Eddie
  3. The Jungle Book Groove – Disney Cast
  4. Rock With You – Inner Circle
  5. Do You See The Light – Snap!
  6. One Love – Dr Alban
  7. More and More – Captain Hollywood Project
  8. Oh Carolina – Shaggy
  9. The Key, The Secret – Urban Cookie Collective
  10. It Keeps Rainin’ (Bitty McLean)
  11. Summer Summer – Loft
  12. Never Let Her Slip Away – Undercover
  13. Power Of American Natives – Dance 2 Trance
  14. Iron Lion Zion – Bob Marley & The Wailers


Irish Fiddler’s charity golf day reaps fabulous reward

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:05

THE Irish Fiddler bar’s 2020 charity golf tournament, which took place recently on Las Américas golf course, raised a phenomenal €4,265.

It has been donated towards the cost of running the AECC KM Solidario bus, generally known as the Cancer Bus,

which transports patients to the north of the island for treatment, with no transport costs.

There was a good turn-out, with many players from the Rabbits Association taking part. Ireland’s legendary singer Daniel O’Donnell was also present, giving everyone an excellent rendition of his songs in the evening, during the festivities.

Ciara Murphy looking after the bar with her brother Michael because her parents, Gerard and Noeline, who own the business, are taking a well-earned break, said: “This donation helps to keep people aware of the great work Carol Salisbury has done, and still does, to keep her Charity Bus in the public eye. It also acknowledges all those who took part in the event.”





Emerald stand-in is hardly a Bandit

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:05

EMERALD B arrived for their Week 24 clash at Sandys Bandits with just four players, but the sporting Bandits, had a visitor in the bar, who was persuaded to help out.

Their generosity cost them, though, because he promptly took the first for the Emerald. After that it was nip-and-tuck, with the visitors nicking the trebles for a draw.

Not an envious task for Ourplace Playboys, who were at Pas ONadas A. They went 4-1 down, but kept going and, in the end, lost only 5-3. It was no consolation, obviously, but it was probably a good result against the champions-elect. There were 180s from Wayne for PON, and Del Boy for the Playboys.

Waterfall v Loch Inn Bullseyes

Bullseyes’ depleted team obviously didn’t help their cause, and they suffered a 7-1 defeat, but everyone had a good night, all the same, so they said.

Mad Hatters were clearly on form, taking a 3-2 lead against Sandys Bookie Boys after the singles, and going on to take the remaining games for a 6-2 win.

Jim said: “In the eight years of playing in this league, this is probably the best game I have played in. Great scoring by both teams and nobody was missing doubles on the night, apart from Taylor. Fabulous hosts. Shame about the result.”

However, he did omit to mention Taylor’s 180.

Scooters&Chevys A v The Pub

This was a bit one-sided, finishing 8-0 to The Pub. But as Duncan pointed out, not quite a whitewash because they took two legs.

In case anyone missed it, the Gaffers v Pas’O’Nadas International game didn’t go ahead. And, as is their right, International claimed the 8-0 win.

Div 2 had a few postponed matches: Pink Elephant v Clouseau’s, The Club House v Marilyns and Palms Sports Bar v Scooters&Chevys B.

Emerald Lounge v Pas O Nadas

This was a close match for starters, with the home leading 3-2 after the singles. But Emerald kicked on from there, and took the remaining matches for a 6-2 win.

Ourplace Playgirls v Club Activo

As is the norm, I’ll leave this to Graham’s wise words: “Result 6-2 to Activo. Trebles to Playgirls. Graham 127 finish! Great night of darts v the girls on Valentine’s Day! Food superb as usual. Thanks for a great night!”

Naughty Nautas v Ourplace Breakaways

“Brilliant night”, according to Fudder, but he would say that! Breakaways won 7-1, and didn’t even let Nautas have the trebles.

Sundowners v Picasso’s @ Palms

The away team shot into a 3-0 lead, no doubt Wayne’s 180 helping them in the process. But Sundowners fought back to 3-2, only for  Picasso’s to kick on again, taking both doubles,.

Yet Sundowners had the final say, winning the trebles, even though they still lost 5-3.

Catch-up match

There was a catch-up match last week between Activo and Palms Sports Bar, which went down to the last set of the doubles, with Activo winning on a great night of darts. Thanks to Gaffers for hosting.



Amarilla winds can blow you off course

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:04

WELCOME to hole No.4 again, because the weather last week took headline news in all the national newspapers, and it looks that way again!

High winds, rain and floods in the UK, thanks to Storm Dennis (who thinks these names up?), so, not much golf being played in the UK just now.

It’s such a shame, because many beautiful courses are under water. Tenerife has experienced another calima, but that’s not so bad.

Had a few messages from our friends out on Golf del Sur and the Amarilla course, who were enjoying a not-so-windy week, so I’ll reveal their results at the end.

When I first came to the island in 1998, and before I took over my first poolbar & restaurant in Callao Salvaje, I was working at the Harbour Club in Los Gigantes.

Yes, I was one of those Timeshare Salesmen, and my bosses were two fantastic South Africans, Clifton Bird and Freddy Botha.

Both loved a round of golf, and these big-hitters were very good at it. They enjoyed playing at Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf Club.

One particular morning, I was told: “Come on Quilt, we’re taking you golfing.” Great, I thought, and Freddy, being left-handed and having a brand-new set of clubs, gave me his old set of Ping Eye Irons and a driver, plus a tatty old bag (why couldn’t I have the new one?), so off we went.

When we left Los Gigantes the weather was superb, not a breath of wind, and 24 degrees C when we arrived at Amarilla Golf Course.

I thought we had moved to another island because the wind was blowing. And boy, did it blow! It was also hot as well, like someone wafting an oven door at you.

So, after a quick coffee, off we go, me playing off an 18 handicap.  Down hole No.1, a fairly straight par 4, so no problems there then, and I got a 6. Hole No.2, short par 3, got a 4. On to hole No.3, the long par 5, and the wind did blow, but the green is in a dip, so not so bad, and I hit a 7.

Now to hole No.4, over the hill and far away, and first lost ball of the day, right into someone’s garden. A 3 off the tee and I used an iron. I thought “not too bad”, but once on the green, the wind howled, so my first 8 went on the card.

And now for hole No.5, a par 3 over the Atlantic Ocean, and what a beautiful hole! But not when it blows like this. The guys take out irons and I thought, “Oh no, I won’t get there with an iron, so out comes the driver.

“Hit it under the wind,” urged Freddie. “Oh yes” I thought, with these two on the green apron? Boom! Off went the ball, higher and higher, and out towards the ocean. And boy, did it blow!

I was a smoker then and I could have lit a ciggie and finished smoking it before the ball started to come down. When it did arrive, it was on the rocks… and so was I! After two more goes at it, I gave in.

That was my first experience of Amarilla’s 5th hole, and every time the guys asked me to go golfing, I’d ask: “What’s the weather like?” But that’s why they built the airport out there.

Having said that, I have enjoyed some great days on the Amarilla over the years, because it’s an excellent course to play.

On Wednesday, 5th February, an Irish Day, and it wasn’t even St Patrick’s Day, was hosted by Golf del Sur, and it was a big success.

It was a single Stapleford competition, with more than 40 people playing, mainly Irish, naturally. There were also some players from other European countries, who dressed in the Green and White Irish colours (the Irish flag includes gold, of course).

The day was sponsored by P. J. Noonan (a Rabbits’ member), and before the event started, players were given a gift from Ireland.

The prizes for the winners consisted of Irish whiskey, trophies and some cash.

The prize-giving was carried out in the club-house. It started off with Ireland’s legendary Daniel O’Donnell singing Galway Bay, which he performed beautifully. The players, especially some Germans, were astonished that somebody could sing like that. But they all know Daniel now.

There were 15 prizes, including Nearest the Pin on two holes, Longest Drive and Closest to the Centre Rope.

Pat Shannon won a trophy, a bottle of Paddy and some cash for being Nearest the Pin.

Sharon Molins won a trophy and a bottle of Paddy, as well as some cash for the longest drive.

John Byrne won his category with 35 points. He won a trophy, a bottle of Jameson whiskey and some cash. The other category was won by a German, Michael Renz, who is a very good friend of the Irish. Other Irish winners were P. J. Noonan and Ciaran Blair. But the day’s real winner was Daniel with his rendition of Galway Bay.

The fun continued in the Mr Chen restaurant, in Los Cristianos. This was also attended by Mr Oddbjorn Hovic and his wife Maria, from Oslo. Oddbjorn is the man behind a society called The Vikingos, who play every Monday morning in Los Palos. They are mostly Scandinavian, with a few Irish members.

  1. J. Noonan would like to thank everybody who played on the day, and especially all those who attended the evening food, drink and craic in Mr Chen’s.

As promised, here are some results from around the societies:

Costa Adeje Rabbits: Thursday 13th Feb:1st Ken Hunt (44pts h15); 2nd Michael O’Hara (39pts h13); 3rd Colin Hammond (37pts h28). Saturday 15th, 1st Cath Byrne (44 pts h18); 2nd Bill Hart (41pts h28); 3rd, Peter Greaney (40pts h22).

Amarilla Amigos: Wednesday, 12th Feb: 1st Phil Hawkins (39pts); 2nd Ray Taberner 39pts (Back 9); 3rd Jim Carruthers (33pts).

Legends G/S (Texas Scramble, with teams of four):

Winning team with 9-under-par, Mark, Dave J, George and Wally.

Adeje International, (Yellow Shirts) Sat,15th Feb: 1st Dave Forsyth (38pts h13); 2nd George Gregg (36pts h22); 3rd Klaus Buntebardt (36pts h19, back 9).

Peanuts G/S, Golf del Sur, Wed 12th Feb:1st Francis De Proft (39pts h27); 2nd PJ Carey (39pts h12, back 9); 3rd Michael Raine (38pts h19).


Steve and Leah on winning roll

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:03

STEVE and Leah Gardner last Saturday won The Early Birds Bowling Club, Open Pairs Competition, at the Happy Days Sports Centre, Costa del Silencio.

A big thanks to all the bowlers and spectators who attended the event. The success of the competition was made possible by the sponsors and local businesses, who kindly gave their support, which was much appreciated.


Just make sure you don’t lose!

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:03

CD Tenerife 0 Rayo Vallecano 0

TENERIFE proved to be a much better side in the first half, with Rubén Baraja’s men creating a few good scoring opportunities. But his strikers were unable to convert them. However, it was the home side’s fifth consecutive game without losing, while Rayo increased their total of draws to five in a row.
Tenerife began with an anticipated starting XI, Captain Suso Santana appearing on the right side, with the intention of scoring early, as they had in previous matches.

But Rayo Vallecano, rivals of immense quality, but with the same number of problems this season, warned of their intentions.
Mario Suarez beat keeper Ortolá in the ninth minute, but was denied by a post, yet it was a wake-up call for the hosts, who realised they had a game on their hands.
Tenerife began to harass Rayo keeper Dimitrievski, who feared the worst when Dani Gómez found himself one on one with him in front of goal, after a good cross by Nahuel.

The striker was about to shoot when he was tackled from behind while bearing down on goal.

But despite Tenerife’s penalty appeal, the referee waved play on, to the relief of the Rayo keeper and his defence.
On the 30-minute mark, Aitor Sanz tried his luck from the edge of the area, but his powerful shot went wide to the left of the Madrid team’s goal.

The same fate befell Nahuel in the 36th minute, when his free-kick was deflected for a corner after hitting the defensive wall.
Tenerife had another clear-cut chance just before half-time, and this time Dani Gomez became provider, his excellent cut-back cross from the byline, being met by Suso in the box.

But his header was cleared off the line by Luna, to leave the game goal-less at the end of the half.
Tenerife started the second half unchanged, coach Baraja sticking with Sipcic, even though the Serbian had taken a knock in the first half. Rayo made one change, Milic replacing Saveljilch in the centre of defence.
Rayo started brightly, showing their enormous quality when passing the ball around, and they were beginning to look dangerous. But Aitor Sanz had the first chance of the half from a long way out. Unfortunately for him, the ball finished a long way off because he missed the target completely.
Tenerife had another chance to change the scoreline when, for the second time, Dani Gómez found himself in front of goal after receiving a Milla through-ball. This time, however, his weak chip shot went straight into the hands of Dimitrievski.

In the 68th minute, the coaches of both teams decided to make changes. Baraja took off Suso and brought on Moore, while Rayo replaced Jorge de Frutos and Isi with Álvaro and Advíncula.

Shortly after, Baraja also decided to take off Joselu to reinforce the midfield with Javi Muñoz.
The last minutes of the game belonged to Rayo Vallecano, who were still looking for a way through, with Tenerife appearing to be playing for the draw, and staying strong.
In the dying seconds, Milla was replaced by Argentine Miérez, appearing for the first time since overcoming an injury.

This was the last action of a match in which Tenerife proved better in the first half than in the second, winning a valuable point and maintaining their recent, unbeaten record.
All in all, they should be satisfied with another solid performance, and should take note of the saying: When you can’t win, it is important not to lose!


The risk of older vehicles

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:02

AS we enter a more technical and computerised world, which is advancing very rapidly, the risks of older cars and their safety becomes more apparent.

There have been recent comparisons made, showing that accidents and incidents, occurring with vehicles 15 years or older, are increased twofold, compared with cars of between 5-7 years.

With enhanced safety features and technology, our personal safety in an accident is improved in newer vehicles.

This is of some concern to the DGT, so they have been running a campaign to target, exclusively, the safety and maintenance of vehicles. In some cases, this campaign has been carried out in conjunction with local police, targeting safety features such as tyres, brakes, lights and glass, ie windscreens etc.

For the time being, this campaign has finished, but it’s highly probable that the Guardia Civil will continue checking these items in the future, rather than during a specific campaign.

As well as the above-mentioned visible safety checks, they often look at all documentation for the car and its driver. They will check the validity of the ITV, and ensure that insurance is current, and, in some cases, ask for proof of payment.

Checks will be made to ensure that the driver is holding a legal driving licence for driving in Spain, with the appropriate categories for the vehicle they are driving at that time.

The correct maintenance of a vehicle contributes to the safety aspect, which is checked at the ITV test. During a recent campaign by the DGT, it was found that 1.64% of vehicles stopped did not hold a valid ITV. The fines for this are high, and the vehicle could well be a danger, not only to the driver, but other road users as well.

It is vitally important that you ensure your tyres have sufficient tread, and are the correct size for the car. This can be checked on your Ficha Tecnica.

All lights must be fully functioning and visible, permitting the driver to see with them, and not so dirty that they are virtually unseen. If your number plate is not clearly visible, or does not have an EU symbol, you may incur a fine of 200 euros .

Of course, the above doesn’t just apply to older vehicles. It must be ensured that newer models are correctly maintained and serviced.

Don’t wash your hands of this vital information

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:01

TO prevent viral infections, doctors suggest practising good hand hygiene. In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, public health guidelines continue to emphasise this.

A new study explains why hand washing is so important when it comes to preventing viral infections, especially those that spread via droplets from coughs and sneezes. Washing the hands is always the first-line measure.

Correctly washing the hands remains public-health officials’ top advice, when it comes to controlling infection rates. In their guidelines on how to prevent infection with the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organisation (WHO) state that people should wash their hands frequently, with soap and water.

People still continue to express doubt that something as simple as basic personal hygiene could have any effect in the context of an epidemic.

New research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aims to put those doubts to rest, by showing just how important washing the hands can be, in slowing down the spread of infectious disease.

According to study co-author Prof. Christos Nicolaides, 70% of people who go to the toilet wash their hands afterwards. The other 30% don’t, and, of those that do, only 50% do it correctly.

The best practices for hand washing include not only rinsing the hands with water, but also applying soap and scrubbing the palms, the back of the hands, between the fingers, and under the fingernails.

A person should scrub for at least 20 seconds, before rinsing the soap and drying the hands with a clean towel. However, Prof. Nicolaides notes that, of the people who do wash their hands after using the bathroom, many never apply soap, and spend under 15 seconds on the procedure.

“We consider that, at most, one-in-five people in an airport have cleaned their hands at any given moment in time, which is only 20% of the airport population,” the researchers wrote in their study paper.

The researchers used existing data about global flights. Specifically, they looked at flight duration, flight distance, connections, and estimates of the amount of time travellers spend in airports.

They pinpointed 120 airports that they think play a key role in the spread of contagious agents. However, they also explain that these are not necessarily the airports with the highest traffic.

For example, airports in Tokyo, Japan, and Honolulu, Hawaii are likely to be key players in the spread of disease, due to the fact that they offer direct connections to many of the world’s largest airports.

However, these do not have the highest traffic, overall. These airports are also points of transit between a significant number of countries, in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Taken together, these factors make such airports key players in the spread of contagious diseases.

But the researchers argue that if more people were to wash their hands frequently and correctly, it would significantly slow down the rate at which diseases are likely to spread.

Specifically, if 60% rather than 20% of air travellers maintained clean hands, it could slow down the spread of infections by almost 70%, according to the researchers.

Even increasing the number of people with clean hands by 10% could slow down the rate at which disease can spread by as much as 24%.

Although the researchers explain that educational campaigns about personal hygiene could help improve the overall situation, they admit that this may be difficult to achieve, in such a high number of airports.

This approach might help slow down the spread of infection by around 37%, the researchers suggest. Prof. Nicolaides and colleagues also note that it may be helpful to add more washbasins in airports, even outside toilets, to encourage people to wash their hands more often.

The researchers say that another helpful step might be to clean and disinfect surfaces in airports more frequently, especially those that a large number of people come into contact with.



When it comes to the crunch …

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:01

CELERY has become one of the favourite vegetables when preparing foods such as soup, because of its flavour, but not everyone knows about its benefits.

Part of the Apiaceae family, celery can be found throughout the world as an integral part of certain cuisines. Its origins can be traced back to the Mediterranean and North Africa, but it is now cultivated globally.

It is marketed and consumed in practically every cuisine, from American and Japanese, to Australian to Indian – and more. The vegetable has made many historical appearances, as well. It is referenced many times in ancient Mediterranean documents, including King Tut’s tomb.

Celery has aphrodisiac properties. Among its contributions to human health is that it is a diuretic, an anti-inflammatory, and rich in fibre. In addition, this vegetable comprises 95% water, making it one of the lightest and most consumed vegetables in weight-loss diets.

It is a very versatile vegetable. Not only can its leaves be used, but also its stem. It is packed full of vitamins your body needs (A, B, C and K), as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Its most magnificent attribute, however, is its phytonutrients. These are plant chemicals that are used to ward off insects and damaging sun rays, but their influence on people after consumption is dramatically more impressive.

Phytonutrients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Even though it can initially be hard to get used to the texture of celery, it enhances the immune system and intracellular communication.

Phytonutrients have also been known to repair toxic damage to DNA, and to have had measurable results in combating cancer and heart disease.

*Weight loss: Celery is low in calories and high in fibre, which means it curbs hunger without having to eat much

*Better hydration: Celery is 95% water, so eating more of it will understandably prevent dehydration

*Reduces inflammation: If you are at any risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, or other means of chronic inflammation, celery can help reduce your likelihood of developing these illnesses

*Prevents/stops heartburn and acid reflux: Celery is low in acidity, so it is often recommended for these issues. While its exact results on these problems haven’t yet been confirmed, many people have reported improved results after eating celery

*Improves cholesterol: Studies show celery reduces cholesterol by 7%

*Lowers blood pressure: Studies show celery reduces blood pressure by 18%

*Improves digestion: Thanks to celery’s fibre content, it can help keep your bowel movements regular and intestines healthy

*Helps maintain healthy eyes: Thanks to celery’s Vitamin A content, it helps protect your cornea and helps treat dry eyes

*Mosquito repellent: Studies have shown that celery-oil extract is a mosquito repellent, so rub some on your skin to be itch-free.

Celery juice

Celery juice is everywhere for a reason. It saves lives because it restores people’s health, one symptom at a time. We see celebrities posting about their daily, celery-juice routines, and people from all walks of life sharing pictures and testimonials of their dramatic recovery stories. What began decades ago as a quiet movement, has become a global, healing revolution.

Celery leaves

Celery leaves are frequently used in cooking to add a mild spicy flavour to foods, similar to, but milder than, black pepper. Celery leaves are dried as a sprinkled-on seasoning for use with baked, fried or roasted fish and meats, and as part of a blend of fresh seasonings, suitable for use in soups and stews. They may also be eaten raw, mixed into a salad or as a garnish.



SARA Cruz Teja was elected 2020’s Santa

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 10:50

SARA Cruz Teja was elected 2020’s Santa Cruz Carnival Queen on Wednesday night at the Fairground, after overcoming 15 other candidates during the colourful, three-hour gala night.

The young beauty, Queen at last after missing out on three previous occasions, held up the sceptre, while being admired by nearly 6,000 spectators, as she showed off her sensational, silver-and-blue “Sentir” design.

It was created by Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra, and she was representing La Laguna’s Al Campo shopping centre.

Sara embraced the audience and judges, with her grace and elegance, as her design came alive on stage, and later said that she was dedicating her victory to her grandmother, who suffers Alzeimers

This year’s Court of Honour-winning candidates were: First Lady, Maria José Chinea, who wore a Jorge González Santana design, and represented Fuentealta; Second Lady, Laura García Repo, clothed in a Borja Abreu design, representing Ron La Indiana; Third Lady, Judith Miguélez, with a design by Dani Pages, represented McDonald’s and El Dia newspaper. And, finally, Fourth Lady Elizabeth Ledesma was dressed in a Santi Castro design, and represented Carrefour.