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Fri, 05/18/2018 - 11:01

Accion del Sol news

WE can never stress enough the importance of microchipping your dogs. It is also a legal requirement for them to undergo this procedure, and to be registered at your local town hall.

These three dogs were found roaming the streets, between Buzanada and Guaza, all without microchips. It makes it very difficult to reunite dogs, quickly, with their irresponsible owners, and causes them needless stress. Please microchip your dog, and ensure the information is updated, should you change your address or phone number.

Adoption successes

Last week, we have had many lucky dogs adopted; nine to Germany, one dog to England, three dogs in Tenerife, and three were reunited with their owners. We are very pleased that people are adopting dogs, and not buying.

Assistance required

Please contact us if you can assist in any way, on 922 778630. We always need tinned dog-food for our older animals, plus blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, collars and leads. You can call into the Accion refuge on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, from 2-5pm, and Saturdays between 1-4pm.

Find us here

Accion del Sol is situated directly under the Ecological Park (exit 52) on the north-bound TF-1. Head for the giant windmills, and you’ll find us in the buildings on the right-hand side. E-mail the refuge at or, for further details, visit our Facebook page: action tier Accion del Sol




Tenerife Loves Karaoke rocks Amarilla

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 11:00

TENERIFE Loves Karaoke, sponsored by Roy’s Pizza and Indian Tandoori Restaurant, continues to be a very poplar, fun-filled event, for the contestants and spectators alike.

The fifth heat took place at The Rockin’ Horse on Amarilla Golf, and to say that it was busy would be an understatement. Like the previous heats, we had a full complement of singers, and a wide variety of songs and ages. And, as before, there was no Adele song in sight!

Gordon Slayney was the Tenerife Loves Karaoke host for the night (with resident compere Kerry Railton), and Gary got the evening going with Tom Jones’ Leave your Hat On. This certainly got the competition underway, and there was even some audience participation.

Following Gary was Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin, performed by Azrael, and then Keanne sang Let It Go by James Bay, a real crowd favourite, especially as Keanne had to re-start his song because of a technical fault. Muriel, who sang a Blondie melody at a previous heat, performed the Bee Gees’ number, Tragedy.

Jodie took to the stage singing Yazoo’s Only You, and our last singer before the interval was Steven, who sang Dancing On My Own, a Calum Scott hit, and the crowd went mad.

During the interval, Kerry, a previous Tenerife Loves Karaoke contestant, from many years ago, entertained the The Rockin’ Horse while everyone recharged their glasses, and had a comfort break.

The second half started with Gert producing a great performance of All Rise, by Blue, definitely a crowd favourite, followed by My Way from Steve. Janet sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and Clive gave his rendition of a Rod Stewart classic, You’re In My Heart.

Shauna followed Clive with a brilliant version of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, and, if you thought the crowd had been noisy before this performance, they just took the roof off. Following Shauna was Steiner with Don’t stop Believing, who kept up the level of crowd noise, then Grant followed with Love on the Rocks. Our last contestant was Terry, with Frank Sinatra’s That Life. What a heat we had; the contestants and crowd were awesome.

After  a short break, the judges had a really hard time in deciding who would be going into the sing-off, and confirmed that Steiner, Steve, Steven and Shauna had been successful.

Each name was announced to great applause, as had been the case all night, for every contestant. Their second-song choices were given to Gordon, and the sing-off began with Steven singing Feeling Good, followed by Shauna performing I’m Not the Only One. Steiner was up next singing Bed of Roses, and Steve rounded off the evening with Run. What a night, what a sing off! This was going to be a close call.

Everyone performed brilliantly and gave everyone at The Rockin’ Horse a fun-filled, entertaining night. However, it is a competition, and it was confirmed that the two contestants going into this year’s semi-finals would be Steven and Steiner; congratulations to them both.

Each received their heat trophies, and meal vouchers from this year’s sponsors, Roy’s Pizza and Indian Tandoori Restaurant. We would like to thank everyone who entered the heat at the The Rockin’ Horse, and Karen and Barry and the staff who made this another memorable heat.

The next heat of Tenerife Loves Karaoke is Monday, 21st May at The Palms Pool Bar, Golf del Sur. If you would like to enter, to be in with a chance of winning a cash prize of 1,000 euros, performing at this year’s Tenerife Entertainment Awards, a week’s all-inclusive Canarian Cruise with Pulmantur, courtesy of Vantastic Tours and Festival of Legends, along with the opportunity for Keddy’s Entertainment to arrange a portfolio and showcase for you, and the chance for a career in entertainment, then call 822 14 15 17, or you can register, directly, at the venue.

Rules are posted on and terms and condition apply. Don’t forget – you have to be in it, to win it!










Tenerife’s Property market flourishing

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 11:00

ON a sunny, but blustery, Friday afternoon, over 80 people converged on La Esquina bar in San Blas.

The occasion? To celebrate the opening of a new Vym Canarias office on the Golf del Sur, the fifth along the coast of south Tenerife, for the island’s most-successful estate agency.

As the wine flowed and the tapas were consumed, we had the chance to discuss, at length, the property requirements of our new neighbours. Not surprisingly, their needs were pretty mixed.

Whilst some were looking for a holiday home where they could escape, should the Beast from the East return to UK shores, any time soon, many were looking to make a permanent move to the area.

When asked for their reasons for wanting to buy on Tenerife, the weather was, as usual, at the top of the list, closely followed by the desire for a more relaxed way of living.

Interestingly enough, the elephant in most rooms at the moment, namely Brexit, didn’t seem to be too concerning for most of those we spoke to; the consensus was that life would go on pretty much as normal, come 29th March 2019.

What did surprise us was the demand for luxury properties, and, whilst there are several rather nice villas on the Golf, we were able to put people in touch with our other offices along the coast, as far as Callao Salvaje, to allow them to spread their nets a bit wider.

We were also able to discuss, at length, some of the exciting new developments that are springing up all over this part of the island, a true sign of resurgence, if ever there were one.

For Vym Canarias, it was a very successful evening, allowing us to meet both existing and new clients, in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. If this event were anything to go by, Apolina, the Golf del Sur’s manager, and her team, are going to be very busy, over the coming weeks and months.

If you would like further information on any of our properties, do get in touch on 922 787 210 or 607 733 052, or go to our website

A delightful feast of kindness for charity

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:59

CHILDREN’S charity Helping Hands raised a whopping  5,004 euros for Tenerife’s underprivileged kids last Saturday at Dehli Delights restaurant, in the Vulcano Hotel, Las Americas.

Organiser Liz Montague, who runs the charity said: “I’m overwhelmed and delighted that we raised this fantastic sum.

“It was a fabulous day, with 200 people joining together to raise the funds,  and we had a great time making it happen.”

Guests, who were greeted with a glass of bubbly, enjoyed the enticing stalls from Granadilla with Love (hand-made jewellery), Ideas de Nana ((jewellery), as well as Melani’s stunning dresses and accessories.

ElMar entertained everyone with a special song she wrote, especially, for Helping Hands, and the dancers were stunning.

Everyone enjoyed the tasty buffet and, overall, the entire day went off brilliantly. To top it off, one of the charity’s loyal supporters, who wishes to remain anonymous, is making an annual donation of 6,000 euros to enable Helping Hands to progress further with its projects.

Liz added: “Thanks to all friends and local businesses, who supported us by donating gifts for our raffle and auction.

“Auctioneer Tim Dowd was so funny, and a great rapper, and thanks, also, to my special team of helpers for all their hard work, and to the children (Charlin, Sara, Joe, Francis, Gaby and Luca), who sold all the El Mars’ CDs.

“We will also be supporting Guargacho’s CEE Disabled School, with a project to supply lots of essential equipment for the children, such as computers, printers and special, electronic touch-pads.”


Father faces 45-year sentence for raping daughter and 2 pals

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:58

A FATHER was set to go on trial in Barcelona yesterday (Thursday), accused of raping his teenage daughter and her two friends “to rid them of evil spirits”.

The man, identified only as Javier GD, is accused of raping his 15-year-old daughter, and two of her friends, repeatedly, over a 15-month period, at the family home in Baix Llobregat, near Barcelona.

He told the girls, it is alleged, that he belonged to a religious cult, and was empowered to drive out evil spirits.

“He told his victims that he belonged to the Order of Odin, and made them believe that they had evil spirits inside them,” states the public prosecutors’ file, “ and the only way to drive them out was to perform sexual rituals.”

It added: “He told them that if they did not agree to perform sexual rituals, their families would be in danger, and bad things would happen.”

He even told one of the girls: “If  you don’t do it, then your little sister will die.”

Prosecutors are asking for a 45-year jail sentence for three crimes of rape. His wife is also on trial as an accomplice, because prosecutors say she knew about the abuse, and let it happen!

She was in the house during the rapes, allegedly, and even asked the girls once: “How was it?”

Prosecutors are calling for a nine-year jail sentence for the woman, for collusion.

The trial comes weeks after a high-profile case, which saw five men acquitted of rape for an attack on a young woman, during the San Fermin Running of the Bulls fiesta in Pamplona.

The men, who called themselves “La Manada” or Wolf Pack in English, were jailed for nine years each on a lesser charge of sexual abuse, after the panel of judges found the attack did not involve violence or intimidation.

The verdict has proved hugely controversial, leading to mammoth street protests across the country.

It also sparked a #Cuentalo movement of women, sharing their stories of abuse and rape, publicly.

Captured Brit has so many dodgy IDs

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:57

A BRITON, on the run for armed robbery, and known to have at least 75 false identities, has been held on the Costa del Sol.

The unnamed suspect was detained in Marbella on a European Arrest Warrant after being stopped by a Spanish National Police patrol just after 2am.

And when he handed over his fake identification, it soon became clear that he was being hunted by UK investigators.

He had been accused of raiding a series of armoured vehicles, plus possession of illegal weapons and explosives, before vanishing.

The fugitive was cuffed and charged with presenting false documents on the spot. He was said to have offered 500 euros to the officers if they let him go, which resulted in an additional bribery rap.

A judge in Madrid ordered, via video conference, that he be remanded in custody, ahead of extradition proceedings.



Sex couple’s clinic opened police eyes

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:56

A COUPLE from Barcelona, who moved to Ireland and set up a sex clinic at their home, charged clients 200 euros per hour, until the police stepped in.

Spaniard David Navaro, 50, and his Brazilian wife Celia Galan, 41, moved to Ennis, County Clare, in 2015.

The couple (pictured), were detained in the wake of a covert, surveillance operation by Gardai (Irish police) investigators, amid suspicions that they were running a brothel.

Ennis District Court heard that the pair were making around 1,200 euros a week after advertising themselves on the Escort Ireland website as “Ann and Peter”.

A raid on the property revealed a laptop with the saved advert, a phone and a notebook with clients’ details, which were seized, said Inspector Tom Kennedy.

The advert read: “Ann is a woman of 30 years, with a pretty face, and Peter is a man of 38 years, with a slender body, and both are eager to please you.

“We receive men, women and couples. You will enjoy the best experience of your life, and we’re sure you will come back.”

Insp. Kennedy confirmed that the couple, who did not work individually, would charge 200 euros hourly for sex, 170 euros for 45 minutes, or 130 euros for half-an-hour.

He added: “Their response to the Guardai was that they didn’t think there was anything wrong with what they were doing, and that it wasn’t illegal.

“The entire operation was conducted by both of them. It was a joint enterprise. They were both participating in it willingly and with each other, and it was advertised in that format.”

Daragh Hassett, defending, called the racy venture a “cottage industry,” and said that when the pair were charged, “they were, effectively, run out of the property and out of Ennis”.

He added: “This is rampant in Spain and regularised there, and is not something that breaches the law there.”

The pair, who have no previous convictions, now live in eastern Ireland and work in a factory for 400 euros a week, after co-operating fully with the police, and pleading guilty to prostitution charges, said their solicitor.

Judge Patrick Durcan fined each of them 600 euros, saying: “This activity is against the law, and the court doesn’t approve of this type of activity.”

Flaming heck! My car’s hopping mad

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:55


A YOUNG woman was injured during a traffic accident on Monday afternoon in Los Realejos, which left her car in flames.

She was in the LA Guancha area when she lost control of her BMW and came off the road. When the car stopped,  she jumped out before the blaze began.

And when firefighters arrived at the scene, it had already been put out. Nearby residents, who spotted the flames, raced to the woman’s aid and helped douse them.

The 22-year-old driver was taken to the University Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Guardia Civil officers were at the accident scene to divert the traffic, while a road maintenance team from Los Realejos cleaned up the area.

Lofty window cleaner

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:54

AMAZING pictures of a woman cleaning her windows in Spain, and not just any old windows, have gone viral.

The heart-stopping images show the resident climbing out and around the windows of her apartment, which is several stories high.

The pictures were shared on the Facebook group “things that happen in Cantabria”. The building is reportedly in Santander.



Thomas Cook might wave goodbye to its sexy-sun Club 18-30

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:53

THOMAS Cook’s Club 18-30, a brand known for cheap holidays full of sun, sex and ridiculous amounts of alcohol, could soon be confined to the company’s history.

The Club, specialising in trips to Malia, Ayia Napa or Mallorca’s Magaluf, has the fitting slogan: “It’s go big or go home, and only the legendary will do”.

At its peak, the firm transported around 100,000 people abroad every year, even generating a cult TV series.

Yet today’s youngsters favour holidays that show them in a better light on social media, and they’re no longer seeking those passed-out-drunk looks in snaps, or public, sexy couplings.

The popular holiday company, said to be considering whether it should sell the brand after owning it for 20 years, is “exploring options”.

Thomas Cook, one of the leading high-street tour operators, is reacting to a change in the type of break young people are now after, with most wanting a holiday good enough to share on such sites as Instagram.

More than half of the 18-25 age bracket believe social media plays a factor when picking a hotel, said a report published by the tour operator earlier this month. They call it “ego travel”.

Should Club 18-30 close, it would put an end to more than 50 years of the organisation, which started in 1965, when 580 youngsters were taken to Spain’s Costa Brava.

The brand, which grew during the 1980s, was the first overseas holiday for many teenagers without their parents.

By 2001, it boasted its own television show, ITV’s Club Reps, which saw groups of 18-30 reps showing holiday-makers around popular destinations.

Thomas Cook tried to keep Club 18-30 afloat in recent years by turning its back on salacious advertising campaigns, including slogans such as “Summer of 69”.

The move was made after five of its holiday reps quit, following allegations that they took part in “live sex acts” in the Corfu resort of Kavos.

But despite attempts to sort out its image, the Thomas Cook party continues, with Club 18-30’s website promising to be “what the summer is all about”… “no ties, no responsibilities”.

However, the holiday firm feels this is no longer what millennials desire, and plans to focus its attention on its own-brand hotels.

Cook’s Club, designed to include better food, music from popular DJs and upmarket cocktails, is the answer.

Remo Masala, Thomas Cook’s creative director, said: “It’s our opportunity to demonstrate that we leading the way, by bringing a sense of urban cool to the beach.”

The Times newspaper reports that the travel company is believed to be on the look-out for a Club 18-30 buyer.

The company said this week: “We remain committed to Club 18-30 for summer 2018. However, we are exploring options for the future of the brand, which could include the possibility of a sale.”

Pound/euro struggles

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:26

IT can save you time and money to stay on top of the latest currency news, especially with the Bank of England’s (BoE) latest rate decision looming.

Latest currency news

Sterling has posted a mixed performance against the euro over the past two weeks, rising initially on a dovish European Central Bank (ECB) rate decision, but facing pressure late on, as markets reacted to a poor Q1 GDP print, and a disappointing, private-sector performance in April.

Over the past two weeks, GBP/EUR slipped from highs of 1.1511 euros to 1.1388, whilst EUR/GBP saw highs of £0.8857 falling to £0.8804.

Meanwhile, GBP/USD has fallen from highs of $1.3995 to $1.3596, and EUR/USD has collapsed from $1.2242 to $1.1977

What’s been happening?

The predominant cause of the pound’s ongoing struggles has been the surprising U-turn in the Bank of England’s monetary-policy expectations, with weak Q1 economic growth, and a raft of disappointing UK PMI results now expected to push the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) away from raising interest rates, on Thursday.

The euro has also suffered from a dovish central bank, however, with weakening inflation and low Q1 growth expected to prevent a rate hike from occurring for the foreseeable future, and, perhaps, even extend the bank’s bond-buying programme, beyond September.

Across the pond, on the other hand, the US dollar has seen a broad rally, supported by unemployment dropping to 3.9%, and a marked rise in personal-consumption expenditure (the US Fed’s preferred measure of inflation).

This has, effectively, positioned the US Fed as the more-hawkish option in the eyes of the markets, thus making the dollar the more-attractive investment.

What do you need to look out for?

This week’s BoE’s rate decision on “Super Thursday” will likely dominate headlines, with a dovish announcement liable to kick GBP/EUR into the doldrums.

There is, however, a chance that the central bank will provide a balanced statement; hesitant to be too dovish for the sake of their own credibility, given that they had repeatedly pointed to a rate hike occurring in May.

For the euro and the US dollar, investors will be keeping a close eye on the US consumer price inflation results and the ECB’s economic bulletin, both also due on Thursday.

Investors are currently quite bullish on the “Greenback”, because of the aforementioned hawkishness of their central bank. If the US data continues to remain positive, then we could see the US dollar continue to siphon demand away from the euro, and, to a lesser extent, the pound.

At Currencies Direct, we’re here to talk currency whenever you need us, so get in touch if you want to know more about the latest news, or how it could impact your currency transfers.

Since 1996, we’ve helped more than 210,000 customers with their currency transfers; just pop into your local Currencies Direct branch, or give us a call, to find out more.



Roll on the Hard Rock summer trio of legends

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:22

HARD Rock Hotel Tenerife has confirmed the music legends who will play at Children of the 80s next month, and in July, promising a summer of addictive, old-school vibes, and rocking disco anthems.

For the first time, and through popular demand, there will be two Children of the 80s’ parties in July, instead of the usual, monthly event, taking place in the open-air concert area, beside Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife’s lagoon.

Sabrina Salerno, the Italian singer, model, actress and record producer, kick-starts the summer line-up on 16th June.

Sabrina, awarded the Best European Singer crown in 1988, has had a string of European-wide summer hits, including Sexy Girl, Boys (Summertime Love), Hot Girl and All of Me (Boy Oh Boy).

Next up, on 14th July, is Vengaboys, one of Europe’s most-notable party acts, who will be getting the crowd jumping to their multi-platinum hits such as Up & Down, We Like to Party!, Uncle John From Jamaica, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom and We’re Going to Ibiza, as well as current, top-40, chart hits.

The second party of the month takes place on 28th July, featuring Sugarhill Gang.

Melle Mel & Scorpio, from the Furious 5, take to the stage with their identifiable, old-school, hip-hop beats and sounds. The American group are most famous for their 1979 hit, Rapper’s Delight, which was the first rap single to become a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

In addition to the guest artists, each party is supported by DJ trio Dream Team Reload, and local Canarian superstars Puretas Party, as well as dazzling entertainers and 80s’ costumes.

A weekly Children of the 80s’ party will also take place every Friday at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiz, from 1st June to 28th September.

Guests at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife will have full access to all live events, at no extra cost.

Deluxe rooms at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife are priced from 283 euros per night, on a B&B basis, based on two people sharing (

Tickets to the Children of the 80s’ gig, priced from 15 euros, can be purchased via

About Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is Hard Rock International’s second property in collaboration with Palladium Hotel Group, following the opening of Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza in May 2014.

The five-star hotel, located on Tenerife’s southern coast in Playa Paraiso, near Adeje, comprises 624 rooms, including 260 suites, split across two towers, named Oasis and Nirvana.

Facilities include three pools, a lagoon, three-tiered kids’ clubs, as well as signature Hard Rock facilities, including a Rock Spa, Body Rock gym and world-famous Rock Shop.

Guests have a choice of six restaurants, including tapas restaurant Ali-Ole, modern Asian restaurant Narumi, steakhouse Montauk, all-day buffet Sessions, 3rd Half Sports Bar and The Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, located on the edge of the lagoon.

A further five bars offer opportunities for an aperitif, after-dinner drink, freshly-brewed coffee, or thirst-quenching cocktail.

And for some of the best views of the island, the rooftop sky lounge bar, The 16th, overlooks some of Tenerife’s most impressive scenery, from the majestic Teide, Spain’s tallest mountain, to the lesser-known Canary Island of La Gomera.

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife offers guests an immersive, musical experience, relevant to all generations, with an energising event programme of live concerts at the hotel’s lagoon-side, outdoor, stage area, with a capacity of 5,000 people.

Hard Rock International

With venues in 75 countries, including 175 cafes, 24 hotels and 11 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally-recognised companies. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world’s greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at all its global locations.

Hard Rock is also known for its collectible fashion and music-related merchandise, Hard Rock Live performance venues and an award-winning website.

HRI owns the global trademark for all Hard Rock brands. The company owns, operates and franchises Cafes in iconic cities, including London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Dubai.

It also owns, licences and/or manages hotel/casino properties worldwide.

Destinations include the company’s two most successful Hotel and Casino properties, in Tampa and Hollywood, Fl, both owned and operated by HRI parent company The Seminole Tribe of Florida, as well as other exciting locations, including Bali, Chicago, Cancun, Ibiza, Las Vegas, Macau and San Diego.

Upcoming, new Hard Rock Cafe locations include Valencia, Innsbruck, Andorra la Vella and Chengdu.

And New Hard Rock Hotel projects include Abu Dhabi, Atlanta, Berlin, Dubai, London, Los Cabos, New York City, as well as Shenzhen, Dalian and Haikou, in China.

For more information on Hard Rock International, visit

About Palladium Hotel Group

This hotel group is a Spanish hotel chain with over 40 years of experience. The chain has 48 hotels and close to 14,000 rooms in six countries: Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Sicily (Italy) and Brazil.

It also operates eight brands: TRS Hotels, Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts, Palladium Hotels, Palladium Boutique Hotels, Fiesta Hotels & Resorts, Ushuaia Unexpected Hotels, Ayre Hoteles, Only You Hotels, as well as licenced-brand Hard Rock Hotels.

The Palladium Hotel Group hotels are characterised by their philosophy of offering customers a high standard of quality in their products and services and excellent value.

Palladium Hotel Group is owned by Grupo Empresas Matutes (GEM).



Banco Popular shares’ purchase is cancelled

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:21

AN Oviedo Court in northern Spain has recently issued a judgement, cancelling a customer’s purchase of Banco Popular shares, regarding the 2016 capital increase, as well as three subsequent acquisitions.

The resolution, subject to appeal, condemned the bank, and annulled the 5,000-share purchase, for 5,454 euros, made by the claimant between June and November 2016. According to the judgement, the bank must refund the principal amount, plus interests.

But the claimant has to return the share titles, and repay the benefits obtained (plus interest), during the time he owned the bonds.

The judge considered that there was a “notable difference” between the inherited and financial situation of the bank, which determined the consequent intervention.

He also said that the “the public-offer brochure stated that it was “the most profitable bank in the Spanish market, although in attention to certain parameters”.

This “irregular” information led the claimant to misunderstand the profitability of his investment.

The bank revealed a “distinctly different” situation, until it was intervened and sold for one euro to another bank company, with a loss of the client’s investment.

It also pointed out that, had the claimant known about the bank’s financial situation, he would not have invested his savings. But the client had no “financial knowledge” because he was not a trade investor.

This argument has been used by many courts in cases of the so-called “Preferentes” (financial products), in which the bank did not give clients details of the whole situation, especially the risks taken by buyers of such a product.

Likewise, it warns that the argument, from which the bank’s performance was approved by the Trade National Control Commission, cannot be estimated, given that the bank presented to potential investors, “an image of solvency that did not conform in any way to reality”. Mariano E. Zunino Siri, is a lawyer registered at the Tenerife Bar Association since 1991. Email: ;

A trio of joy!

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:20

Accion del Sol news

THERE are 235 dogs at the refuge, all desperately seeking loving, new homes, including these three little cuties.

The two little boys and their sister will be up for adoption, as soon as they have had all their necessary vaccinations, and been given a clean bill of health. Please adopt a dog, and don’t buy. We have so many gorgeous dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages, so do come and visit us if you are interested in adopting.

We have large numbers of dogs that arrive, constantly, at the refuge, without microchips, which makes it almost impossible to reunite the dogs with their owners. We can never stress enough the importance of microchipping your pet, and keeping your information updated, should you move address or change your phone number.

Assistance required

Please contact us if you can assist in any way on 922 778630. We always need tinned dog-food for our older animals, plus blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, collars and leads. You can call into the Accion refuge on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, from 2-5pm, and Saturdays between 1-4pm.

Find us here

Accion del Sol is situated directly under the Ecological Park (exit 52) on the north-bound TF-1. Head for the giant windmills, and you’ll find us in the buildings on the right-hand side. E-mail the refuge at or, for further details, visit our Facebook page: action tier Accion del Sol




Litter training

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:20

Cats Welfare news

USING the litter tray is second nature to most cats. Training kittens to use one is usually as easy as showing them where it is, and putting them in it.

When you bring your cat home, the litter tray should be one of your first stops. Let them sniff it, and then place them inside it. They may dig around, or jump back out, but just place them inside it again in an hour or two. Often, cats will shun the tray if it’s not in a quiet location that they can access at all times, but don’t put it near their food or water.
Cats are fussy about their trays, so to provide them with the most appealing waste facilities, you should clean it daily and change it weekly. Just as we don’t like to use filthy, overflowing toilets, cats don’t like wading through waste to find a patch of clean litter.
Don’t use litter that is scented, because it’s only geared toward the owner, not the cat. Some cats will refuse to use trays containing heavily-scented litter, and they may prefer one type to another.

The litter types are clay-based clumping, clay-based non-clumping, crystal, and natural/biodegradable. If you experience problems getting a cat to use the tray, experiment with different types of litter.
Wash your litter tray thoroughly every week or two. Over time, a litter tray will absorb cat urine (even with liners). Wash it thoroughly with soapy water every week, and be sure to rinse thoroughly after washing, so that it doesn’t retain a strong detergent. Getting used to a litter tray isn’t difficult for most cats. If you know your cat’s preferences, you’re unlikely to encounter any unpleasant accidents.

Injured cat

This cat was found after having been hit by a car. Nothing is broken; he just has cuts and bruises. He is leukaemia negative and will be neutered. He is friendly, but a little nervous after his ordeal.

A home is needed for him in a few weeks’ time. He is staying at Yaiza Vets in Los Cristianos, if anyone is interested in adopting him.


Please consider adopting a kitten/cat from us. Contact us via our website or ring/whatsapp Maria (English) on 6466 29129, seven days a week 9am-6pm, or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 6pm on 6712 82773. All kittens go on a week’s trial, in your home, so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision.

Our shop

Do you have clothes sitting in the wardrobe that you never wear? Cats Welfare is, especially, looking for tops of all sizes. We also need cat food, litter, old newspapers, sheets, towels, bedding etc for the cats and kittens in our care, and also good quality/condition items.

Items can be dropped into the shop on San Blas, Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino). It is open seven days a week, 10am-6pm. If you don’t have transport, or have large, bulky items such as furniture and household effects to donate, please ring Mark on 636590557, and he will arrange collection from you. All for the good of the cats of Tenerife.


Fundraiser for Brenda

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:19

K9 animal news

K9 are pleased to announce that they are hosting a fundraising event on the 9th June, from 3-6pm, at Polygon Bar in Los Cristianos, near the Arona Grand.

Our lovely dog Brenda suffered an accident while chasing a ball, in which she fell and snapped her cruciate ligament. Although this injury does not cause her any pain, she needs an operation to repair it. This event is to raise funds for her operation.

Brenda, who is around five years old, is up for adoption. If you would like to know more about her, or meet her, don’t hesitate to come and visit! Ideally, after her operation, she would recover better in a foster home, so please contact us if you are interested.

A very welcome donation!

Recently, K9 received a very pleasant surprise for St George’s day! We were invited to the Amarilla Golf Club for their tournament, and, during the afternoon, K9 president, Elsie, was presented with a cheque for 3,288.50 euros by the golf members, after a fantastic year of fundraising.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the members of the club; this money will go to fund flea-and-tick prevention for all our dogs, and will also be used to tidy up some of the kennels.

Car-boot sale

Our next car-boot sale will take place on 27th May at Los Gigantes Bus Station, between 9am-1pm.

Meet our dogs

We have many dogs, in all shapes and sizes, waiting patiently for their loving, safe-and-secure, forever homes. You can see them all, their stories and pictures, on our website at Go to “K9 dogs/Dogs waiting for homes”.

Why not visit us at K9 Refuge on Calle Chimbesque between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas any day of the week between 10-2pm? Alternatively, you can get in touch by telephoning us on 667 638 468, or emailing

You will also find stories of our dogs, their antics and heart-warming rehomings on Facebook by following Diary of a K9 Tenerife Dogwalker, K9 Tenerife and, not forgetting, K9 Tenerife Cats.

Also, to see daily photos of the walks that take place at K9, like the facebook page Voluntarios del Refugio K9.

Charity shop

Our charity shop in Alcala Plaza is always looking for new items to sell. If you have any unwanted clothes, shoes, books or bric-a-brac, please pop them into our shop, or to K9.

We welcome all kinds of items, all proceeds going towards helping the dogs. The shop is open from 10am-2pm, Monday to Saturday. Pop in, or call them on 6465 61035. Collections can also be arranged, using this number.




Blue Flag flying high again in the Canaries

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:18

TWELVE Tenerife’s beaches have been rewarded with a Blue Flag by the Canarian Government’s Ministry of Health.

In all, the Canary Islands have achieved a total of 50 Blue Flags, one more than presented last year, and five of them were also awarded to marinas across the archipelago.

The Blue Flag criteria include excellent standards for bathing in the water;  safety, environmental education and information, as well as the provision of services and general environmental, management.

The Flag is sought for beaches and marinas, to acknowledge their high, environmental and quality standards, and, especially, their accessible, public toilets.

The initiative is run, in collaboration with the Canarian Goverment’s Ministry of Health, along with the General Director of Public Health.

A total of 31 municipalities across the islands have been rewarded because they have all met the criteria.

Overall, Tenerife has obtained 12 Blue Flag awards, Gran Canaria 15, Lanzorote seven, Fuerteventura eight, La Palma five, La Gomera two, and El Hierro just one.

The Tenerife Blue Flag beaches are: El Socorro, San Telmo, La Arena’s Playa Garden Complex, Mesa de Mar, Bajamar Pools, Las Vistas, Los Cristianos, El Camison, Del Duque, Torviscas Playa, Calas de la Jaquita and Playa de Arena.

Canarian beauty beaches

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:17

SPAIN’S two island groups boasted seven of the country’s top 10 “most beautiful” beaches last year. And two of them featured in Europe’s top-10 list, including the No.1 position!

The Canary and Balearic Islands featured strongly, the Canaries provided two in Gran Canaria, and one in Fuerteventura, while the Balearics supplied two in Mallorca, one in Ibiza and another in Formentera.

But the 2017 summer’s Traveller’s Choice awards, by review website TripAdvisor, put La Concha, in the northern Spanish city of San Sebastian, on top of the pile in Europe. It also has the additional bonus of displaying the best tapas bars in the world.

Spain’s top-10 beach rankings

  1. 1. La Concha beach: San Sebastian, Basque Country
  2. Playa de Ses Illetes: Formentera
  3. Playa de Muro: Mallorca
  4. Playa de Las Canteras: Gran Canaria
  5. Playa de Las Catedrales: Ribadeo, Galicia
  6. Playa de Maspalomas: Gran Canaria
  7. Cala Comte: Ibiza
  8. Playa de Bolonia: Tarifa, Andalusia
  9. Playa de Alcudia: Mallorca
  10. El Cotillo Beach & Lagoons: Fuerteventura

Puppy-poo patrol

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:17

FOLLOWING a massive number of complaints from La Laguna residents, and from neighbourhood associations, regarding animal excrement on the streets, paths and parks, the Council and Local Police have placed two undercover officers in the area.

They are reporting irresponsible pet owners, who leave their pet poos behind, and the officers, from the Local Police Ecological unit, have the power to file an official report, and fine the owners!

This is a new directive, because, previously, police were only able to make pet owners aware with an official warning.

Between 2016 and 2018, there were 207 official warnings, making owners aware of their pets’ actions, in the hope that they would learn to pick up the mess.

La Laguna Mayor Ana María Oramas, who stressed that  the owners were to blame, added: “It’s a matter of respect for others neighbours in the area, as well as respect for where we live.

“People who do not comply by collecting their pets’ mess will be fined 200 euros and  upwards.”

Sadly, many people paid no heed, obviously, because more than 50 fines were issued in just 20 days.

Teide volcano will NOT be activated

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:16

THE English tabloids are at it again, predicting gloom and doom for Tenerife, following a swarm of mini-tremors experienced by the island over the last few weeks.

So-called news has reached the UK about “the huge submarine fault”, situated between Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

One report said the fault line had not been active in recent times, but added: “What if it started spewing magma again? And what if it were reactivating the Teide volcano? That would be cataclysmic.”

In fairness, some reporters have highlighted that this could just be a “possibility”, but after being headlined in a few of the papers, especially in their on-line sites, the seed has already been sown.

Some expats are already worried because more than 270 minor tremors have been detected over the last month.

The Daily Mail has even stated that Teide is an active volcano, still extremely popular with the tourists, attracting some three million visitors a year.

Maybe someone should tell their journalists that Teide’s last eruption occurred more than 100 years ago!