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Old pumping station has worldwide fame

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:49

THE Daily Mail has published an extensive report on its official website about all the abandoned palaces and castles, scattered across the world.

The ruins of a special building in Los Realejos, an old pumping station in the north of Tenerife, have found themselves a special place on the website, the image being shared across the world.

The ruins are sited within a protected space, with evidence of farmers using the surrounding area in time gone by.

There is a special walk, starting at sea level from the Los Roques beach, and ending in the Hacienda de Castro.

Visitors can visualise where pirate attacks took place in past centuries, as well as enjoying the splendour of the Casona de Castro (manor house).

Over the years, the ruins have created much interest with tourists from all over the world. They have also become a popular spot for many walkers, not just for the historical element but also because of the spectacular views and landscape.




Is your financial planning in shape for today?

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:46

WHEN was the last time you gave your finances a health check? If it was a while ago, you could be paying more taxes than necessary, or missing out on new opportunities.

You will benefit most from a holistic review, looking at how your savings, investments, other assets, tax planning, pensions and estate planning are structured, and how they can best work together.

Protecting your wealth

While you will want to preserve your wealth and see it grow over time, this can be challenging in today’s economic and political climate.

The prolonged period of low interest rates, for example, has made it harder to achieve decent returns on lower-risk investments, aggravated by creeping inflation. And, of course, Brexit continues to stoke economic and currency uncertainty.

At times like this, careful cross-border planning plays a particularly important role in securing your financial security over the long term. You need to weigh up which issues affect you most and establish what you can do to protect against them.

DIY vs expert advice

Most people, who have built up or inherited wealth, will benefit from an independent and expert review of their finances. After all, it is difficult to look at your broad, financial situation from a truly-objective point of view, or fully understand the complex tax implications. It is quite easy to get DIY tax planning wrong, and potentially invite an unexpected tax bill, or even a tax investigation.

For the best results, talk to a financial adviser with cross-border experience. They should take time, and use relevant tools to thoroughly understand your unique situation, needs and objectives, to establish tax-efficient solutions for you and your heirs.

Investment planning

While all investments – even bank accounts – carry risk, a suitably-diversified portfolio can help manage risk, within your comfort level. It is essential to establish a clear and objective view of your risk tolerance, to determine the investment approach that will best suit you. An adviser is best placed to do this, objectively, using psychometric testing, for example, combined with their knowledge of your family’s situation in Spain, and your financial goals.

Understanding local taxation

If you live here, all elements of your financial planning – from investments to estate planning – should be set up for Spain, not the UK. Ideally, your adviser should be based locally in the Canary Isles, and have first-hand experience of the issues facing expatriates here, financial and otherwise. Crucially, they should also have in-depth understanding of cross-border tax planning, including the Spanish tax regime, and how it interacts with UK rules.

A local adviser can also react quickly and help you make adjustments if your personal circumstances change, or if there are Brexit developments or tax reforms that may affect you, including new opportunities.

Protection through regulation

Make sure you only deal with an adviser who has higher-level professional qualifications, and is authorised by a reputable regulatory body, such as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as well as being authorised to give advice in Spain.

Note that using a UK-regulated adviser is mandatory if you want to transfer from a “defined-benefit” pension scheme worth £30,000 or more a year, but it is recommended for anyone considering their pension options.

Remember: if you are living in the Canary Isles, your finances should be set up for here, not for your old life in the UK. The sooner you set up a strategic, long-term vision to protect your wealth, the sooner you can relax into a prosperous future in Spain.

All advice received from Blevins Franks is personalised and provided in writing. This article, however, should not be construed as providing any personalised taxation or investment advice.

Keep up to date on the financial issues that may affect you on the Blevins Franks news page at

Landlords relax – Liberty Seguros has you covered!

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:44

HUNDREDS of thousands of expats own property in Spain, and a large percentage of these are rented out, either long or short term.

Whether you are a seasonal or year-long landlord, there is great money to be made renting your property out, whilst you are away! However, there is potential risk and worry, when someone else is living in your home, permanently, or for a few months.

But now, Liberty Seguros has improved its home insurance by developing some new measures, to assure you that you can relax and rest assured that, as a landlord here in Spain, you are secure and protected.

Nobody likes to consider the thought of their property being damaged, but, unfortunately, it does happen. So, in the eventuality of any unfortunate event, Liberty has introduced the following new benefits, to further protect you from any accident liability, or damage by a careless tenant.

As the proprietor of a rented property, Liberty Expatriates offers the following benefits:

*Personal Liability of the owner against the tenant, for personal and/or material damages to the tenant, caused by “building”, or, in case of securing the content, derived from the furniture of the property

*Personal liability of the tenant, against the owner, as a result of a loss from water damage, with limits of 15,000 euros for the Basic mode, and 30,000 euros for the Plus and Premium mode

*Damages arising from acts of vandalism committed by the legal tenants of the insured home are guaranteed, with a compensation limit per accident and year of 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 euros, respectively, for the Basic, Plus and Premium modalities. A fixed-rate fee, equal to the rent deposit for the period of stay, will be applied (min. 300€)

*Legal defence and claims for damages, limited exclusively to claims-related covered content, owned by the policyholder

If your house is intended to be permanently rented, over the whole year, even by Airbnb, Liberty Seguros also adds the following new benefits for extra peace of mind:

*Loss of rentals, with compensation of a monthly payment with a maximum limit of 1,000, 3,000 and 4,000 euros, respectively, for the Basic, Plus and Premium modalities.

*Personal liability of the tenant against the Community, with a maximum limit of 50,000 euros per accident

With Liberty Seguros, all documents can be provided in different languages, so you know exactly where you stand. And, if not, they are able to give you advice, face-to-face, through their local agents, and you also have, at your disposal, 24/7 emergency assistance, through a multi-lingual, freephone number.

Liberty Seguros is considered to be the preferred expat insurer in Spain today, and has an extensive network of over 300 brokers and agents, who have many years of experience.

They are dedicated to giving in-depth information about the different policies, not only for home, but also car, life, business, commercial, funeral etc., and can advise you on the best cover to suit you and your family, in your own language.

For further details, call us on 91 342 25 49, or visit


Just look at those eyes!

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:44

Cats Welfare news

MEET Sansa and Snow! These adorable sisters are looking for a home together, because they cannot be separated. They were rescued from an abandoned boat, and are now ready for adoption.

They are about five months old, and are very friendly and playful. They are used to other cats, and like dogs. They are both very gentle cats, and do not bite or scratch. They use the litter tray without any problems, and have had their injections. Because of their white coats and Tenerife’s strong sun, they should be house cats.


We have several other gorgeous kittens available for adoption, and one way of getting to see some of them is to pop along to Koala Sur, next to the Farmers’ Market in Las Chafiras. A fabulous area has been set aside for them to frolic to their hearts’ content, with fantastic play equipment, and even two very comfortable armchairs!

It is a perfect environment for the public to interact with them, to help them decide as to whether they feel adoption to be a good idea. Give them a ring on 922 712 425, to see what little kitties are in residence!

Please send us a private Facebook message, or ring/WhatsApp Sandra (English, Spanish and German) on 6712 82773 after 6pm, or Sharon (English) on 6625 24006, if you would like to enquire about any of the cats and kittens which are available for adoption. We ask for a minimum donation of €20 per kitten, to cover costs.

*All kittens go for a week’s trial, in your home *

Clothes required

We are appealing, please, for good quality men’s and women’s clothes. Please have a look around at home, and drop them into the shop on San Blas.

We need you!

Fostering kittens is very rewarding, watching them growing and playing, feeding them and realising how dependent they are on you. It’s perfect for people who don’t want a full-time cat of their own.

We are looking for foster carers, to look after bottle-feeders and weaners, as well as big kittens. You would need to be able to drive, and have somewhere safe for them. All food and litter, bedding, litter trays etc. will be supplied, and any vet bills will be paid by us.

Please help us to help the kittens in need. Cats Welfare arrange the adoptions, once the kittens are ready. Please send us a Facebook private message, if you are interested.

Our shop

We always need cat food, litter, sheets, towels, bedding etc. for the cats and kittens in our care, and also good quality/condition items for sale in the shop on San Blas, Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino). It is open seven days a week, 10am-6pm.

We stock good-quality clothes of all sizes, at sensible, low prices. Pop along and take a look. Our customers come from all over the island, and we see many holidaymakers return, time and again, eager to snap up a bargain.

If you don’t have transport, or have large, bulky items such as furniture and household effects to donate, please ring Mark on 6365 90557, and he will arrange collection from you.








Take extra care!

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:43

Accion del Sol

WITH the sharp rise in temperatures, we would like to remind you to ensure that your dog has sufficient water and shade, and is only walked early in the morning and later in the day, to avoid the hot pavements which can burn your dog’s paws.

Please do not, under any circumstances, leave your dog in a hot car. They can die in a very short space of time.


We have, again, had German students from Ludwigshafen, helping us at the refuge, for the last two weeks. The dogs have had a great time, being pampered, walked, bathed and brushed.

The students were very lucky to have been taken diving with the Tenerife Diving Accadamy, in Abades, who also help and support the refuge in so many ways, for which we are extremely grateful.

The diving lesson was to teach the students about the harmful effects of pollution in the sea, and the plastic and rubbish that are killing our fish. We do ask that when you are enjoying your trip to the beach, please consider this enormous, world-wide problem, and collect any discarded rubbish that you see. Every little bit helps towards make the world a cleaner place.

Assistance required

We are always looking for people to walk the dogs in the refuge during opening hours.

Please do call the refuge on 6643 21219 or 602463242, between 8am-5pm, if you can help in any way. We always need tinned dog-food for our older animals, plus blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, collars and leads. You can call into the Accion refuge on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, from 2-5pm, and Saturdays between 1-4pm.

Find us here

Accion del Sol is situated directly under the Ecological Park (exit 52) on the north-bound TF-1. Head for the giant windmills, and you’ll find us in the buildings on the right-hand side. E-mail the refuge at or, for further details, visit our Facebook page: action tier Accion del Sol




Renewed appeal for Mufasa!

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:43

K9 animal news


A FEW months ago, one of our staff arrived at K9, ready for a new day, and found this young boy tied up outside the kennels. She quickly came to learn just how sweet and friendly he is. He was called Mufasa.

He had no chip, so we have no idea where he came from, or what his background is. Mufasa is about a year old, and loves to play and be around humans. A lot of our walkers love to take him out for his daily walk, and he is a pleasure to be with. He has unusual colouring, is a medium-sized mixed breed.

He is one of the friendliest, happiest boys we have ever come across. The shelter environment can be stressful, but this young boy takes it all in his stride.

Mufasa has been with us a couple of months now, and, in that time, has seen two kennel-mates go to their forever homes. He has shared with two female dogs, who he seems to get on best with, but, currently, he is sharing with one of the new arrivals, Kahl, who is a very affectionate and playful male puppy.

Mufasa is intelligent and has been trained before, from whatever home he came from. He waits patiently to be fed, and always comes when you call him, so he does have good recall.

When he is outside, he is very calm and sweet, and is not really bothered by other dogs. He likes to get out for walks, and most days he gets out two or three times, because of his lovable nature, and popularity among the volunteers.

He thrives on company, so when his first kennel mate got adopted, he was a little bit lost and confused. We were able to match him quickly with another female, but she also got adopted quite quickly, leaving Mufasa, once again, lost and confused.

When will he get the second chance at his forever home he so deserves? He is very handsome and friendly, and we are really hoping his chance comes, very soon. You can meet him at the shelter, and take him out for a walk, any day between 9.30am-1.30pm.

We are on Calle Chimbesque, between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas. We look forward to seeing you! Get in touch by telephoning us on 667 638 468, or emailing

Online shop

We now have an online shop: Deliveries to the UK only, so please spread the word among your family and friends in the UK. and is waiting for you to meet him!

Meet Marley!

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:42

Live Arico news

THIS is Marley. He is a beautiful, two-year-old Pitbull, and has had a home since he was a puppy. Unfortunately, his owners couldn’t keep him, because of personal problems.

We need a very good home for him, urgently, because he was a loved family pet, and just doesn’t understand why he is at the refuge. He is really lovely, and has a quiet character. Only responsible people to apply, please!

Dog-walking club

Join the Live Arico dog-walking club on Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm. Our dogs absolutely love it, and you can keep fit and find a furry friend at the same time.  Please come and meet the dogs. They have a fabulous time with the walkers, and look forward to going out for a wander. Please feel free to pop along, even for a chat. If you have any questions, send a WhatsApp to Mark on 6522 97853, for further details.

Live Arico shops

Come and bag a bargain at our shops. Donations are always very much appreciated.

San Eugenio – opposite Hotel La Nina, at Las Carabelas, near Amanda’s Bar. Open weekdays 10am-4pm, Saturday 10am-2pm and now Sundays 11am-3pm.

Los Cristianos – Calle Revron, near Thistle and Dragon Bar and play-park. Open Monday-Friday (10am-4pm), Saturday 10am-2pm. During the summer months, we will not be opening on Sundays.

Join us on Facebook – Live Arico P.A.W.S Tenerife


What a handsome lad!

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:42

Molly’s animal-care news

MEET Max. He was called Titan before, but he doesn’t suit that name because he’s a big, soft boy. A typical Labrador, he is full of fun and energy.

Max is waiting for his forever home, and he is a perfect, family dog. If you would like to meet him,  please contact Elaine on 6780 15653.


Remembering all who died in horrific aeroplane blaze

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:39

TUESDAY, 20th August, marked an important date in the Spanish aviation world, because, on that day in 2008, Spanair’s Madrid-to-Gran Canaria flight JK 5022, caught fire shortly after take-off from Barajas Airport.

This horrific incident was reported as one of the worse aviation tragedies in Spain, because 154 people died and eight others were seriously injured.

Last Tuesday, Madrid and Gran Canaria remembered all the victims of this tragic event, and family members of the victims attended an official ceremony at Barajas Airport to pray, as well as offer flowers to commemorate the 11th anniversary.

The ceremony took place on the runway where the accident happened, followed by a minute’s silence at 2.42pm, which was the time the accident occurred, as a mark of respect to all the victims, and families

The worst incident recorded to date was in 1977, at the Los Rodeos airport, now known as Tenerife North, where 583 people lost their lives when two commercial aeroplanes crashed into each other.




Big-time money-launderers ‘cleaned’ fortune for gangs

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:38

A GROUP of professional money-launderers in Spain, who “cleaned” more than €70m for Colombian and Asian gangs, have been dismantled.

Twenty-eight people have been arrested, 22 of them in Spain and six in the Netherlands, and 19 commercial companies are being investigated.

In addition, seven firearms, 100 vehicles and more than 70 buildings and bank accounts have been seized or embargoed.

The investigation also found a link between more than 5,000kg of cocaine seized in Holland, with some of those probed.

Spain’s National Police, together with Guardia Civil officers, found that the organisation members were based mainly in Madrid and Toledo.

They provided their services to other criminal groups, mostly Asian, who were dedicated to fraud against the public treasury, and some Colombians, dedicated to international drug-trafficking, who were charged a 10-15% commission.

The arrested people had set up a large number of companies in fields such as import-export, real estate management and the buying and selling of gold, along with other precious metals, such as silver or platinum.

These companies were in the name of front men, who lent their identity in exchange for money; thus, giving the organisation access to a series of bank accounts.
In the case of the Asian scheme, where clients mainly wanted to avoid paying taxes, entrepreneurs contacted the organisation delivering the money in cash.

The launderers then contacted various petty criminals, from whom they acquired jewellery from burglaries. These were melted into ingots, and then sold to wholesalers, who paid money by bank transfers.

Through this system of buying and melting gold, the dismantled organisation acquired more than 2,000kg of gold on the black market.

They would then transfer the money raised between their front companies with false invoicing, before, finally, transferring it to the destination country through the fake import-export companies, again backed by false invoices and fake contracts.

Police also detected the simulation of commercial operations. The launderers, after receiving the money and circulating it among their companies, transferred it to the companies of the “clients”, justifying it as payment for goods or services. This money was then used to buy property.

The investigation revealed that the disbanded organisation had been contacting people of Colombian origin, living mainly in the Netherlands, from whom it received large sums of cash.

A total in excess of more than €2m from this group was laundered and later invested in the real-estate market of Madrid and Toledo.

This Colombian group have been linked to the seizure of 5,000kg of cocaine in the Netherlands. And information found by the Spanish police has been sent to their Dutch colleagues to help them investigate that case.


Pesetas are still worth a fistful of euros today

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:31

PEOPLE with Spain’s old currency still in their possession have until the end of next year to change it for the euro equivalent at the Bank of Spain.

But, depending upon how old and collectible the coins are, selling them online might earn you more.

Peseta coins sold to date have fetched between €45 and €20,000, according to the Thelemonapp dealer site.

Examples include one-peseta coins dating from 1947. These 72-year-old pieces were the first in which dictator General Franco’s face appeared on the reverse. They are known, colloquially, as “rubias” (blondes), and have fetched between €200 and €1,400 to date.

A 2.5-peseta coin from 1953, currently difficult to find, has a market value of between €750 and €1,700, and the 50-peseta coins, minted in 1957 “retail”’ at about €775 on eBay. Yet the “test versions”, which were not actually released into circulation, have been sold for as much as €10,000.

One of the most sought-after coins by collectors is the 2.5-peseta, from 1946, when Franco appeared on the reverse. And the non-circulating “test coins” can fetch up to €10,500.

So far, the most lucrative peseta coin sale reported has been that of a 1949 five-peseta piece (pictured), which was auctioned by Cayón Subastas for a starting price of €30,000, and went, eventually, for a mouth-watering €36,000.

Smaller sums for more recent coins can be earned on eBay: Foronum and Todo Colección, a 1987 coin, is worth up to €45; a 100-peseta one from 1983, up to €55; a 50-peseta coin from 1984 up to €70.

Even better, a 25-peseta coin from as recently as 1995 can earn you €100, and a 100-peseta coin from 1966, or a five-peseta version from 1975, could each net €400.

It is nearly 18 years since the euro was introduced, running parallel with the peseta, initially, but soon replacing it altogether as legal tender.

By the start of summer 2002, the euro was the only accepted currency, but Spain did not have enough coins and notes in circulation to guarantee providing change for large sums, causing difficulties at first.

Pesetas could still be changed at high-street banks, but this stopped, eventually, and they had to be returned to the Bank of Spain if their owners wanted the euro equivalent.

Astonishingly, a total of €1.6bn in pesetas remains in circulation, somewhere.

That’s because not all Spaniards are aware that they can change them, or because they are kept as souvenirs, particularly among foreign holiday-makers.



Average rent goes up 50% in just five years

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:30

A NEW report by the Bank of Spain reveals that the average cost of rent in Spain and the Canary Islands has risen 50% in the past five years.

According to the study, based on figures from real-estate website Idealista, rental prices rose the most in Palma and Barcelona (more than 50%), followed by Málaga, Madrid, Gran Canaria capital Las Palmas and Valencia (around 45%), between the end of 2013 and May 2019.

Inland areas in Spain, however, have experienced the lowest spikes in rental prices. Yet the report found that rental prices have increased at a “significantly faster rate” than housing costs.

The rising cost of rent is hitting low-income homes particularly hard, and, says the study, families with few resources, who account for the majority of the rental community, are less likely to buy property, given the difficulty of accessing credit.

What’s more, these families spend a higher percentage of their salary on rent. The report showed that in 2014, the average spending on rental expenses represented 27% of the net income in all Spanish homes, and 46.9% of the net income in low-income homes.

In both cases, Spain is above the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) country average.

Spaniards in the lowest-income bracket spend 63.9% of their net earnings on rent, a figure only topped by Greece (68.6%).

The Bank of Spain report indicates that the increasing profitability of rental properties has attracted new players to the market, such as investment funds, businesses and

real-estate investment trusts (known in Spain as socimis).

Other reasons behind the rise in rental prices include the precariousness of working conditions, which make it more difficult for Spaniards, who are unemployed or in temporary jobs, to buy property.

The growing number of people moving to the cities in search of work, and the reduced volume of available social housing, also add to the equation.

But the Bank’s study does not reach any strong conclusions on whether the rise in short-term vacation rentals, like Airbnb, have pushed up the cost of rent in Spain.

While the report makes note of the trend, it argues that there is no proven correlation.


Ryanair flying high with the top passenger figures

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:30

FIGURES released by airport governing body AENA show that the most-used carrier this year across all of Spain’s terminals, so far, is Ryanair, and by a considerable margin!

Between January and June 2019 inclusive, just under 23,571,000 passengers travelled to and from Spain with the Irish-based, budget airline.

The second-most-used flight company was Catalunya-based budget carrier Vueling, part of the IAG Group, which owns Iberia and British Airways, with 19.6m customers travelling to and from Spain.

Both these low-cost options were streets ahead of national airline Iberia, which, despite providing long-haul, short-haul and national flights, its traffic accounted for just under 9.9m passengers in the first six months of 2019.

Spanish carrier Air Europa, with 9.1m, beat Ryanair’s main rival, easyJet, which transported 8.32m travellers.

Iberia would still have been just the third-busiest airline in Spain, during the first half of this year, even when taking into account passenger figures for its short-haul Iberia Express, with 4.8m, and regional branch Air Nostrum, with 4.28m.

Norwegian, which beat Air Nostrum, was behind Iberia Express, carrying 4.55m passengers. Making up the remainder of the top 10 was the Binter company, with 3.57m and Jet2, with 3.3m.

At the end of June, the sixth month, Ryanair held 18.4% of Spain’s air-travel-market quota, even though it reported a fall of 21% in profits in the first quarter of 2019.

It has also warned staff that it might have to make several hundred cabin-crew members and pilots redundant, especially if a no-deal Brexit affects flight traffic between the UK and Ireland.

But despite being only the fourth carrier in Spain, Air Europa has shown the greatest and fastest passenger growth this year, increasing its customer numbers by 12.6%, which adds up to around one million travellers.

Low-cost airlines now account for 73m passengers, in and out of Spain, between January and June.

A total of 263 million people flew out of or into Spain in 2018.


Spanish navy opens arms to a boatload of migrants

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:28

SPAIN has decided to send a navy ship to pick up hundreds of migrants, including children, trapped at sea for 19 days on the NGO boat Open Arms rescue vessel.

The boat had been at sea for 19 days, having saved around 150 migrants from the Mediterranean. But conditions aboard had worsened, and several rescued travellers had jumped into the sea in a bold bid to swim to the Italian Island of Lampedusa.

A spokesman for Spain’s temporary ruling PSOE party, said: “After analysing a number of options, the Spanish Government, in accordance with the logistic recommendations of the Navy, believes that this action is the most appropriate. It will allow for the resolution of the humanitarian emergency on board.”

The Navy ship Audaz set sail on Wednesday from the Rota naval base in Cádiz, and medical staff and psychologists have been placed on board to treat the migrants, especially the children, on route to Spain.

The Government has proposed escorting the Open Arms to the Mallorcan port of Palma, and the journey to the Italian island will take the patrol boat three days.


Thief’s smashing time, before police grab him

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:28

NATIONAL Police officers arrested a 34-year-old man, who already had a criminal record for thieving.

He was detained and charged with breaking into six parked cars, having smashed their windscreens on a Puerto del Rosario street in Fuerteventura, with the intention of stealing the personal contents of owners, who had left them inside.

The events happened on Monday morning when a direct call was made to the National Police by a concerned neighbour, who heard the sound of glass being smashed.

The neighbour told the operator there was an individual stealing from inside the parked cars on the street. He said several vehicles had been damaged, their windscreens being smashed.

The caller also said he saw a man carrying a plastic carrier bag and riding away on a bike.

When the police arrived, they questioned the witness and were told that he owned one of the cars. He also said that various personal items had been taken from inside.

His description of the thieving vandal enabled officers to collar a man who fitted the profile. He was riding a bike and also carrying a supermarket carrier bag.

The officers stop the cyclist and, while in the process of identifying him, their colleagues confirmed that six cars had been broken in to.

That’s when the officers arrested the man and charged him with forced entry and robbery. They also searched the suspect, who was carrying several items he’d stolen from the vehicles.

The man has since been presented to the judicial authorities in Fuerteventura, along with the police report.


Judge banishes thieving couple from their island

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:27

TWO Mallorcan criminals accused of multiple crimes, including a string of thefts from a Magaluf beach, were banished from their own island by a judge.

The men, said to have extensive criminal records, were arrested by an off-duty police officer last week when he recognised them in the Plaza del Mercadal in Sineu.

Judge Antoni Rotger had insisted the men leave the island before 8pm on 28th July, but they failed to comply, and carried on living in Mallorca. They were also fined €5,400 for breaching his order.

A lawyer representing the two men has argued that the measures were disproportionate, saying there were other options to prevent them offending again.

The lawyer added that an island ban would hinder their personal and family life, as well as their economic and work situation.

He said the prosecutor had agreed with his reasoning and asked that the suspects be prohibited from being within 200m Magaluf beach.

Another court date is set for the end of August, when the judge will make his final ruling.


Spanish robbers beaten to the punch by a kickboxer

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:23

A BRITISH female kickboxer, on holiday in Mallorca with her boxer-boyfriend, Stan Stannard, have beaten-up Spanish robbers attacking an English family.

Iman Barlow, 26, nicknamed “Pretty Killer”, was living it up with her partner. But they stepped in when they saw a family being robbed in Palma Nova, and even managed to recover a watch, worth €27,000.

The thieves had pinned the father down and tried to take his watch, before fleeing on a moped, reported the Sun newspaper.

But as they sped off, Iman kicked one of them in the chest, before Stan, also 26, punched the other robber.

The crime-fighting sweethearts have now returned to their Melton Mowbray home following the incident.

Iman kicked the man in the chest “to slow him down”, according to the Sun. But Iman added: “He carried on running, and then a young girl shouted, ‘he’s got my dad’s watch’. But Stan ran after him and hit him with a left-hand punch.

“Afterwards, you start thinking that he could have had a knife or a gun, but instinct just kicked in at the time. We were given €50 from the family as a reward, which we didn’t want. But they refused to let us leave without it.

“So now we’re enjoying our last afternoon in Mallorca with some free burgers.”

Iman has over 17,000 followers on Instagram and has won 88 of her 97 fights, 36 of which were knockouts.




Brick Beach project will satisfy the wildlife there

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:23

TECHNICIANS from the Aula del Mar environmental organisation, as part of their preparation for the forthcoming “Brick Beach” project, have been conducting surveys and monitoring the state of the wildlife on the coastline.

The project is planned for Mezquitilla Beach, in Velez Malaga, and reclaimed building materials will be reused to create a brand-new coastline, in place of the current area, which is deteriorating rapidly.

Aula del Mar and María José Roberto, Councillor responsible for the project, will conduct surveys of the renovation area periodically.

The aim is to create a picture of the wildlife, which call the area their home, and to limit any adverse effects of the construction work on their habitat.

“We are creating a catalogue of animal and plant species, so that when the restoration work of coastal habitats starts, these coastal systems are affected as little as possible,” said a group spokesperson. “We will also be studying the changes that occur in it, by the season.”



Families hit by bugs during their holiday

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:22

AT least 65 holiday-makers claim they were struck down by a gastric bug while on all-inclusive breaks at Lanzarote’s

four-star Holiday Village resort in June and July.

They reported suffering from severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps and vomiting, as well as nausea and high temperatures.

Babies as young as nine months, and a pregnant woman, are among those said to have been affected. Many say they are still affected following their return home.

They have all instructed solicitors to look into their claims, after having their holidays ruined by the illness.

Dulcie Martin, now 18 months, had to be rushed to hospital in Lanzarote after developing symptoms at the resort.

Sharon Hodgeson, 52, from Slough, Berks, went to Lanzarote for a two-week break in July with her daughter and son-in law, Sarah and Albert Iseberi, and her four grandchildren.

Within four days, Sarah, who is five months pregnant, claimed she had diarrhoea, stomach cramps and a high temperature.

Two days later, Sharon was struck down with severe stomach cramps. All family members said they fell ill during the holiday with similar symptoms.

Sharon said: “We spent a lot of money on this trip and it wasn’t just one or two of our group who got sick, but all of us. This is really not how a holiday should be, and we need to know how this happened.”

Darren Evans, 34, from Dukinfield, Cheshire, said that by the second day of his break, he was suffering from diarrhoea, a high temperature, shivers, headaches and nausea.

His two children, 17-month-old Myla and six-year-old Jack, who also fell unwell with similar gastric symptoms, had to see a GP on their return home, and both were confirmed to have contracted salmonella.

Emily Martin, 27, an NHS admin worker, travelled to Lanzarote with husband, George, also 27, and their children, in June. Emily from Sidcup, Kent, said she also had diarrhoea and stomach cramps within a few days of being at the hotel. Their daughter Dulcie, now aged 18 months was admitted to hospital while in Lanzarote because of her symptoms.

Amandeep Samra, a specialist holiday-illness lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, said: “It is deeply concerning to hear that so many people have told us about suffering gastric illness at the resort.

“Instead of a relaxing summer break, our clients have been left suffering with horrible symptoms, which have had a major impact on their holidays.”

A TUI spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear of these experiences at the Holiday Village Lanzarote. As this is now a legal matter, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”


Festival drugs failed to reach destination

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 11:21

A TEENAGER, caught with several Class A substances as he waited to get into an Adeje festival, has been detained by the National Police.

He had been apprehended at a stop-and-search, substance-control point, and officers were taken by surprise when they realised what the 19-year-old was carrying.

They found five bags of already-prepared MDMA, weighing a total of 2.5gms, as well as four ecstasy pills and 2gms of cocaine, in four bags.

All the drugs were carefully prepared and ready for distribution. The variety of drugs, as well as the location, led to the teenager’s arrest.

But it was unclear to the officers whether the individual would be selling the substances, or if he were smuggling them in to the festival for someone else.

The youngster, together with the police report, have been presented before the judicial authorities.